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How to Think Like a Local for Global Social Media Content Success

You've read up a bit on growing your business by going global, and now you're ready to give it a whirl? Not so fast. There's a lot you need to take into consideration before promoting your content via social media in markets outside your own country. There are steps you can take that will get your global...

5 Steps to Global Content Curation That Reaches Your Gooooaaal

If global content curation is your goal and multiple languages are involved, just clicking "share" is more likely to get you into a world of trouble than into your target markets. Global content curation requires more than the standard components of content marketing. Use these 5 steps to reach your...

Creating Content that Speaks Volumes in Multiple Languages

It can be difficult and expensive to create content in multiple languages, but there are ways to ramp up the process in a cost-effective manner and it can open up an enormous untapped market for your organization. Find out how to create content that speaks volumes in multiple languages.

How to Prepare Your Content Marketing for a Global Audience

There's tremendous opportunity for brands to reach consumers who used to be unreachable because of differences in geography and language, but there's more to it than just having your content translated. Find out how to prepare your content marketing to reach a global audience.

8 Tips to Tailor Your Blog Content for Local Search

Local businesses often find themselves in an increasingly competitive SEO landscape. To compete online with local franchises and offices of national chains/brands make sure your content is tailored to impact local search engine results and nurture a local audience. Use these 8 tips to better position...

3 Reasons to Put Australia on Your Content Marketing Radar in 2013

You probably haven't seen many articles about Australia on your favorite search, social media and content marketing blogs. But here are 3 reasons to put Australia on your content marketing radar in 2013.

Create Content that Effectively Crosses Cultural and Linguistic Borders

Communicating effectively across national and linguistic borders can create unique challenges. Here are a few steps you can use to create content that won’t get lost in translation.

4 Technologies for Smarter Localized Content Marketing

Localized messaging can be one of the best strategies for making a national brand immediately relevant. It's also among the most time-consuming and expensive. Here are four technologies that are making cheaper and more manageable localized content marketing possible.

Waffles, Wine and Wisdom: 3 Content Tips to Boost Your Local Rep

One of the fastest ways to become the “go-to” food spot for your local community is by creating meaningful, tailored, and unique content. If you service your local communities 24/7, here are a few content marketing best practices just for you.

Two Ways to Simplify Your Global Content Efforts

To remain competitive and responsive in our global digital “multiverse,” you need to be ready to scale up your content efforts to reach new markets, in new countries, and to communicate using new levels of sophistication. Content Marketing Institute’s latest webinar provides marketers with some fantastic...

Why SMS Marketing is a Must for a Younger Audience

Image credit: The other day, I was in a popular national chain pizza restaurant enjoying a meal with friends. While we dined, I noticed a number of younger people (under 34) showing their mobiles to the server before getting their bill. One family even had a teenage mobile user hold up her...

Creating a Powerful Global to Local B2B Brand Impression with Video: 5 Steps

Pam Didner shares how a 40-second video re-defined a U.S.-based home-office B2B brand to a globally-recognized name, using storytelling and the universal human experience as the content message.