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This Week in Content Marketing: Most Brands Failing at Customer Experience

The guys explore a dystopian view of advertising's future, the billions WPP expects to spend on Facebook ads, whether an agency's new cooking magazine is news, and a shift in top brand challenges; plus rants, raves, and more.

This Week in Content Marketing: Can Content Save Advertising?

In this episode, Joe and Robert explore some questions: Can content marketing save advertising? Is it the end of blogging as we know it? And, are digital agencies destroying themselves as Pepsi’s CMO believes? Plus rants and raves.

This Week in Content Marketing: Content Marketing Technology Investments Top $1 Billion

In This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert talk content’s move to the middle, content marketing tech investment topping $1 billion, Uber’s new real paper in-car mag, BuzzFeed deal, how only 17% follow buyer’s journey, plus rants and raves.

This Week in Content Marketing: 2016 Will Be the Year of Content Marketing M&A

In This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the $48 million purchase of King Content. They also talk about how Facebook’s news traffic now draws more than Google’s. Plus, raves to The New York Times and TOM example of week.

This Week in Content Marketing: The Sad Future Reality of Brands Battling for Advertising

In This Old Marketing, Robert and Joe discuss content’s future and why so many brands are looking at advertising opportunities more than owning their platforms. Plus, they talk Facebook’s video program for celebrities, and rants and raves.
Upworthy Content Data Podcast

This Week in Content Marketing: Upworthy's Big Move Combining Content and Data

Joe and Robert discuss a content upgrade at Upworthy, the debate on internal vs. agency content marketing, and claims of consumer anger over data collection by brands. Rants and raves include an article on the ROI of native advertising and a TED Talk on the history of autism. They wrap up with a salute...

This Week in Content Marketing: Inside The New York Times' Subscription Funnel

In this episode, Joe and Robert discuss backlash for CNN’s native advertising, why print really is digital’s future, plus The New York Times’ Facebook subscription funnel. Rants and raves cover the box office and customer service.

This Week in Content Marketing: Who Didn't Launch a Content Marketing Agency This Week?

In This Old Marketing, we talk about a flurry of new content-based agencies – Daily Mail/WPP/Snapchat, BBC, and The Washington Post. Plus, is it the end or the beginning of what might be called television? Cannes fills rants and raves.

5 More Tips on How to Choose a Content Marketing Agency

More mainstream and specialty agencies want the lucrative and growing content marketing dollar. To help ensure you’re choosing the right agency in a crowded field to best meet your content marketing needs, consider these five things.

The Onion’s Custom Content Agency Makes Brands Seriously Funny

Satire publishing star The Onion brought its funny bone to the content marketplace. Now Onion Labs creates humorous content for brands from Lenovo to YouTube. Learn why The Onion saw an opportunity to go beyond traditional advertising.

6 New Reasons to Kill the RFP: Find Innovators, Not Commodities

No ad-land fossil is quite as useless as the RFP. If brands want agencies to look to innovate, they need to stop treating agency selection like a vendor-procurement process. Here are six ways RFPs lead to diminished results.

How To Fix 9 Harmful Misconceptions about Content Marketing

Some marketers make “content marketing” interchangeable with content marketing activities like social media. Learn 9 misperceptions that devalue content marketing and its potential for success, and find out how to avoid making them again.