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Improve Your Website Content's Quality: 5 Ways to Drive High Performance

The digital marketing world is increasingly competitive and driven by content. So how can marketers hit on the right formula for their website content? Find out how to boost website content quality and drive higher performance.

Optimize Your Website Content with Calls to Action: Tips for Small Businesses

A recent study of how small businesses use calls to action found that many have a long way to go toward driving conversions for their content marketing efforts. Find out more about how small businesses can optimize website content with clear, prominent calls to action.

Optimizing Website Content: How to Fix What You're Doing Wrong

Many content creators think they're doing everything right — from writing great content to sharing it on social networks — but later get discouraged when their metrics say otherwise. The truth is, many content marketers struggle with content optimization. Consider this list of "wrongs" and use the tips...

Why You Should Create Content With a Hook

If you're going to create valuable content for your target audience, you'll need a hook to show why it's unique. Take a look at this example of a content marketing hook that helped an obscure brand soar above its competition.

The Static Website Is Dead — Long Live Personalized Content

Content personalization is the next wave of the dynamic web. Find out how you can better incorporate personalized content into your own marketing strategies?

Why Content Marketers Need to be Involved in Website Redesigns

Whether it's a funky new website or an overhaul of an existing site, the content strategy should be discussed from day one. Here are the essentials on why content marketers need to be involved in website redesigns.

Why Content Marketers Need to Take Notice of Online Communities

Your content efforts can benefit from online communities, allowing your audience to help generate your content for you. With a mix of editorial content, user-generated content and networking, an online community is the definitive place for information and communication around your topic.

The New Content Life Cycle: 4 Steps to a More Strategic Approach to Web Content

On today’s rapidly shifting web, it’s essential that companies connect more effectively with their stakeholders across a number of web and social channels. This “pressure to extend” has created a new online content life cycle. Employ these four steps to establish a more strategic and successful approach...

Five Things Marketers Need to Know about HTML5

Even if you don’t know it, you’ve already seen HTML5 at work. The new standard for websites isn’t due to be complete until 2014, but websites including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and Twitter are already using it. If you’re not already using HTML5, here are some things you should know about...

A Four-Point Plan to Boost Your Website's Authority

Building the authority of your website is not only important for building a strong brand, but also as a part of building trust with search engines that may just hold the future of your business in their hands. Understanding how to build authority requires a broad knowledge of internet marketing. In the...

Your Site is the Mousetrap, Your Content is the Cheese

Mice aren’t attracted to mousetraps. They’re attracted to what you put on it. The same goes for websites. What are you putting on yours? Let’s start with a dead mouse When you run down to the hardware store to invest in a mousetrap, I’m quite sure you have a very clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish....

How to Give a Gift of Emotionally Engaging Content

Many companies have no clue what the difference is between good and boring content. I’ll go even further than that.  Many organizations are not even aware that their message has lost all connection with their audience, and some even seem to excel at finding ways to render their content marketing completely...