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9 Evergreen Content Examples for Long-Term Success

Thanks to search engines, most of your content is evergreen. That’s why you should pick effective formats for your content without an expiration date. Read on and be inspired by the examples of brands doing evergreen content well.

How To Market An Ebook: 27 Ways To Promote Yours

Don’t think promoting your e-book ends with the creation of a landing page, tweet of a link, and an email to your customers. Start the game with the 27 tips offered in this sales funnel guide for e-book promotion.

Get a Jump on 2017: 11 Can't-Miss Content Marketing E-Books

2017 is shaping up to be a year of big changes. Don't get caught unprepared: Check out these 11 top e-books to help you achieve content marketing success no matter what the future may have in store.

6 Ways to Make B2B Content Marketing That's Better Than the eBook

The ubiquitous eBook is generating diminished returns for B2B marketers these days. As creative professionals, we can do better. It's time to inject more creativity into what we produce for our audience in order to stand out. Get 6 ideas for making B2B content marketing that's better than the eBook.

Content Strategy: How eBooks Help You Generate More Leads

Every company is looking for ways to pump new life into its lead generation tactics. Some send executives to conferences, where they rub elbows with other leaders until their eyes cross with fatigue (and perhaps from one beer too many). Others bring on affiliate marketers who blast prospects with emails...

How Content Marketing Can Save the Book Industry

Books are great, but if content publishers stop there, they are missing out on an amazing opportunity to forge an ongoing relationship. Consider, instead, these ideas for creating multiple content packages that consumers can engage with again and again.

What Content Marketers Need to Know About Interactive eBooks

If it’s true that brands are becoming publishers, then the quiet revolution occurring in book publishing should make us all sit up and listen. Here's what content marketers need to know about interactive eBooks.

29 Content Marketing Secrets from #cmworld Speakers [Free eBook]

Top Rank Online Marketing and Content Marketing World have collected 29 of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and accomplished content marketing operatives to share their secrets with the masses.

The Key Skills You Need to Create Killer Corporate eBooks

Where do eBooks fit into your content strategy? They're all the rage, so it's time to find out. Here's a primer on the key skills you need to create a killer corporate eBook.

How Content Marketers Can Reach a Larger Audience by Redefining the E-Book

If the goal is to produce content that gets found, read, and shared, then content marketers can't ignore mobile devices and online bookstores. Making your e-book available in retail stores can expand your audience, and maybe even your bottom line. Here's a look at a few examples of the redefined, modern...

4 Steps to Publish an E-Book: Tap into Your Existing Articles

Has this ever happened to you? You run around looking for your car keys. You could’ve sworn you just saw them right there on the counter. But now they’re gone. Then you hear that familiar jingle. You slide your hand into your pocket. Tada! Your keys were right under your nose the whole time. Continue...

Content Marketing e-books: 8 Examples that Work

People learn about content marketing in different ways, and sometimes the best way to understand something is to see it in action. Over the holidays, we’ll be sharing a bunch of different content marketing examples submitted by our contributors. First up: e-books. Continue reading