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Is Your Content Curation Ethical? A 10-Step Checklist

Curation is nothing new, but online content curation is still in its early stages. Many content marketers are still unsure about what constitutes ethical content curation. If you're in this group, use this 10-step checklist as a guide.

Content Curation: Key Tips and Ideas for Brands

The Content Marketing Institute has covered the topic of content curation from a number of angles. Use this (curated!) collection for one-stop access to a diverse range of key tips, ideas and information to help your brand manage its content curation efforts.

Content Curation: 6 Strategies to Add Value With Your Own Commentary

Content curation is a great tactic for promoting your thought leadership — but only if the audience can clearly distinguish your insight from that of your source material. Use these 6 strategies to add value to curated content with your own commentary.

How and Why Your Content Plan Should Include Numbered Lists: 4 Ideas

It has become widely accepted that content arranged in list form is quicker to find, easier to remember, and more actionable, which makes lists ideal for sharing content as part of a highly effective content plan. Check off these 4 ideas on how and why your content plan should include numbered lists....

5 Tips Every Content Curator Needs to Write Better Calls to Action

Though calls to action are often neglected, these simple, yet targeted, phrases are directly responsible for encouraging your audience to take a next step toward becoming a loyal customer. To give them the attention they deserve, use these 5 tips every content curator needs to write better CTAs.

4 Content Curation Tips You Can Take from Brand Success Stories

Marketers still struggle to visualize and understand best practices for the technique of curation. Here are 4 content curation tips you can take from brand success stories.

14 Sources for Content Curation Inspiration

Increasingly, marketers are employing content curation -- the process of finding, organizing and sharing third-party content -- as a part of their content marketing efforts. Sample these 14 sources for content curation inspiration.

7 Ways to Organize Your Content for Curation

Whether you are curating or creating content as a part of your strategy, how you organize content plays a powerful role. Here, we take a look at a few outstanding examples of how content marketers manage the organization process.

Should You Curate Content? The Essentials Every Content Marketer Needs to Consider

Is content curation a worthwhile strategy for content marketers? In some cases, curating content eases some of the editorial burden. So, your role as content strategist may consist of one part creator, one part curator. Here are some essentials to consider.

8 Ideas for Feeding Your Content Beast

If you're involved in content marketing, you're familiar with the voracious content beast. It will eat practically anything, but as soon as you feed it, it's hungry again. Here are 8 ideas for feeding your content beast.

Forget Content Curation, Focus on Original Content in 2012

Brands and media companies have been “curating” content for centuries, but 2011 saw the phrase content curation rise near the top of the content marketing stack. I can’t tell you how many marketers have approached me regarding their “content curation strategy” for 2012. Let’s...

Content Marketing News that Works for You

Okay, so you are a marketing professional interested in the practice of content marketing.  How do you keep up on the latest content marketing news? You could follow hashtags on Twitter? You could set up a Google Reader feed? You could subscribe to every marketing newsletter and pick out the best content-marketing...