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17 Essential Content Marketing Templates and Checklists

By far, the most popular post we have ever published at the Content Marketing Institute is "10 Must-Have Templates for Content Marketers." To that end, we wanted to provide a refresher on the most popular templates and checklists shared by the CMI team and our guest contributors. Check out what's new,...

9 Questions to Help You Prioritize Content Creation [Template]

Even if you take the "less is more" approach to content marketing, you still may struggle to keep up with demand. Use this 9-question form throughout your organization to flesh out and prioritize content creation ideas.

Choosing the Right Content Marketing Technology: 14 Critical Questions

Starting to reevaluate your software platforms? Whether you’re considering a suite or specialized vendors, these questions could help you make the right decision for your brand.

42 Content Marketing Ideas for 2013

Most marketers are now planning for 2013, in many cases searching for innovative content ideas. In that spirit, here's a diverse list of content marketing ideas you may want to execute for next year.

Content Marketing Checklist: 13 Things You Must Do Before You Publish Content

To make sure your published content is always at its error-free best, keep this 13-point content marketing checklist on hand. And, for best results, use it!

Checklist: 15 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Content Marketing Project

It's vital to have everyone on the same page before beginning a project. So here are 15 questions to ask that will help you get a feel for scope and expectations before starting a content marketing project.

A Simple and Indispensable Template for Content Marketing Distribution

Here is a template you can easily customize to simplify and improve the way you distribute content for your marketing programs.

Your Kick-Start Guide to Engaging Content [Free eBook]

There are no magic formulas for engaging content, but there are many tips that content professionals have picked up in the marketing trenches. CMI's latest eBook is loaded with them. Download "Your Kick-Start to Engaging Content" now.

4 Media Law Tips for Content Marketers

Content marketing is not without its challenges. From coming up with compelling new ideas for articles, to getting your target audience to notice and engage with them, successful campaigns require skill, hard work, and an element of good fortune. While it may not be top of the to-do list, media law is...

Hollywood’s Secret Storytelling Sauce: A Template for Marketing Videos

It’s no secret that Hollywood is known for telling some of the world’s greatest stories. Of course, it’s easy for Hollywood to tell great stories — it has a “secret storytelling sauce.” But Hollywood doesn’t have to be the only one with the formula for telling great stories. Continue reading

10 Must-Have Templates for Content Marketers

Here are 10 templates to help you with everything from content marketing planning, creation and distribution.

A Template for Killer Website Content

Over the years of developing websites for clients, I’ve learned that the age-old adage, “If you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself,” can be a two-way street. Of course, there are companies out there that have great web writers internally, but most don’t. And the thought of a company turning...