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How to Attract Over 50K Subscribers in 6 Months

The world’s first digital magazine solely dedicated to content promotion, news, and insights went from zero subscribers at launch to over 50,000 in six months. Here are the nine winning tactics that helped make that growth possible.

Segment Your Blog Content to Drive More Leads and Sales

Effective marketing is personal marketing. Generic blog posts or one-size-fits-all emails can no longer be go-to tactics. Discover how to leverage segments in your content to drive more leads and sales with these tips and suggestions.

'Delete This Email!' Why Mobile Email Matters to Your Business

Let’s get right to the point. This article is gonna hurt, because it’s about the No. 1 mistake your business is making with the most powerful online marketing tool – email. Find out what four tips to steal from brands that are doing it right.

The New Era of the Hybrid Marketer

Being a one-dimensional marketer is not a good way to get ahead. Today’s successful marketers are hybrids. We integrate old and new channels into one overall marketing strategy. Learn what you need to know to be a good hybrid marketer.

Confession: A Big Mistake We Were Making With Content Marketing

Confession: Every now and again, we at CMI realize we aren't following our own advice. While we have been big proponents of offering unique content in each of our channels -- and have a channel strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others -- we were overlooking our most critical channel: email....

Content Marketing: Clearing the Rumors, Half-Truths, and Misinterpretations

In this episode, Robert and Joe discuss how content marketing is hitting the big time at Harvard Business Review. In addition, they chat about media agencies getting into the content production business, explain why email is far from dead, and then touch on a handful of research posts that are readily...

How to Optimize Email Content for Any Screen Size

Email remains a top marketing channel, but more and more people are opening their email on mobile devices. As mobile use continues to grow, you need to adjust your email content to stay in step with your customers. Don't let your organization be among the many companies that are failing to adapt to this...

Bad News? How Your Email Content Can Deliver It Tactfully

Sometimes a brand has to communicate an uncomfortable story to its audience, without making it sound worse than it is. Find out how your email content can deliver bad news tactfully.

2 Key Techniques for Making Email Content More Mobile-Friendly

Most brands are just starting to get a grip on the fundamentals of mobile-friendly email content design. Take a look at some examples of a few brands that are doing it right and learn how to make your emails more mobile-friendly with two key techniques.

How Your Email Content Can Adapt to Gmail Tabs

Has Google scuttled email content marketing opportunities for good? Not necessarily, but it sure got attention and created a challenge for marketers. Be calm and find out how to carry on by continuing to create compelling content and adapting your email practices to Gmail tabs.

8 Ideas for Using Social Media Content in Emails

How did email content become a forgotten marketing channel when it has higher click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI than any other channel? Move beyond the social sharing button and make your emails truly social: Check out these 8 ideas for using social media content in emails.

Your Best Options for Sharing Content Through Email

Creating quality content is now a prerequisite for social media marketing. Here are your best options for sharing content through email.