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Callaway Golf TV Hits the Mark

Just checked out Callaway Golf TV, which launched about a month ago. Now this is a content marketing site that works.

I golf at least once a week and, although I’m not as avid a player as some of my friends, we talk the same game: Which clubs work for when, what’s in the bag?, did you see Tiger?, etc. Callaway hits the mark and answers many of these questions by using video straight from the pros. It’s essentially customer testimonials on steriods.

The videos, which feature the likes of Phil Mickelson or Annika Sorenstam, pull you into the content. Take, for example, what Phil has in his bag and why? It’s like watching the best of the Golf Channel.

The most recent AdAge issue states that, in the first month, this site drew more than 150,000 video views. Pretty impressive. Who knows if they can keep the pace up, but if they keep creating quality content, they’ll do just fine.

The only downfall is that it sucks the memory out of anything that you are doing. I’m on high-speed DSL and it still took quite a while to load, and really could not multitask while the site was up and running.

That said, kudos to Callaway.  Keep up the great work.