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Brands Compete with Publishers; the Rise of the Content Marketing Agency

pnr-this old marketing logoPNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher.

In this edition of the PNR: This Old Marketing podcast, Joe and Robert discuss the latest content promotion research from Outbrain; share some of their thoughts on a News Corp interview on content publishers‘ biggest competition — and a missing piece of the puzzle; and go into detail about Red Bull’s own media company, Red Bull Media House. 

This week’s show

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Show overview

1. Content Marketing in the News

  • How Positive Reviews Impact Brand Perceptions: New research from content discovery software platform Outbrain confirms how important third-party reviews are. Joe and Robert discuss the possibilities that can arise when you happen to see one of these about your company (Contributing article: Outbrain)
  • Are Brands and Content Publishers Moving from Partnership to Competition?: News Corp Senior Vice President of Strategy, Raju Narisetti, recently talked about how the company’s advertisers — like GE, IBM, and Red Bull — are becoming its biggest competition in the publishing game. Joe and Robert discuss the article, including their criticism of a key statement in the article that is 100 percent incorrect (Contributing article: The Media Briefing)
  • Marketo Acquires Insightera: Robert discusses the purchase, and what it means for the content marketing technology space, while Joe warns of a technology gold rush of M&A activity over the next year. (Contributing article: DestinationCRM)
  • Content Marketing in the Post-Advertising Age: A discussion ensues around Kirk Cheyfitz’s article in Chief Content Officer magazine about the evolution of content marketing and how most agencies are simply missing the boat. Are we seeing the dawn of the “content advertising” agency? (Contributing article: CMI) 

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2. Rants & Raves

  • Robert’s Rave: Robert does a rare rave this week, tipping his hat to two powerful new content examples from the entertainment world. Robert was flat-out impressed by the buzz around the promos for the film Anchorman 2 (five of the funniest stunts can be found here), as well as Beyonce’s secret album launch.
  • Joe’s Rant/Rave: Joe rants about the move toward creating lots of content in lots of channels, and suggests that maybe the answer is not “more,” but rather focusing on consistently delivering content in one key channel. Joe also gives a quick shout-out (rave) to American Express for advertising, its small business content platform, on the radio.

3. Listener Question

  • This week’s question comes from Twitter follower McWilliam Park Hotel (@mcwilliamph): “How can a small business create marketing campaigns that go viral?

4. This Old Marketing Example of the Week

  • Red Bull Media House: Launched in 2007, Red Bull Media House serves as a media company built inside of beverage giant Red Bull. Two important areas discussed by Robert and Joe include Red Bull’s content pool — a profit center within Red Bull that licenses videos and pictures to traditional media companies — and Red Bull Records, which signs relevant independent artists and then syndicates and licenses the music rights out from those performers.

red bull media house image

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