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Stories By Tom Fishburne

Resist the Temptations of New Social Media Content Channels

It hasn't been obvious how brands can use Snapchat, because the one-to-one messaging and pictures self-destruct after just a few seconds. Find out why you should resist the temptations of new social media content channels until you're sure your audience uses them and your content is a good fit.

Why Don Draper Types Can't Control Brand Content Anymore

Marketers want to generate word of mouth, but sometimes forget it inherently means giving up control. These days, brand advocates are just as big a part of the content marketing team as content marketers themselves. Find out why trying to control brand content just drives ad men mad.

Treat Content Publishing as a Privilege by Sharing the Awesome

Great content marketing turns a mirror on the audience. Treat content publishing as a privilege and find success by reflecting what's awesome to (and about) that audience.

Why Your Content Marketing Riches Can Be Found in the Niches

A target market is deliberately exclusive. That niche focus can compel consumers to identify with your brand. It's what gives you insight to speak to them so clearly. Find that niche focus to boost your brand's content marketing success.

Why Video Content Continuity Trumps Virality

Some marketers talk about “virality” as part of their game plan, but we can only create quality content that may or may not spread virally. Here's why video content continuity trumps virality.