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Stories By Scott Brinker

Why Your Content Marketing Team Needs a Marketing Technologist

Content marketing is evolving rapidly -- growing in both scale and sophistication. Your organization is also facing ever-greater competition. What's the common thread that spans these challenges? Technology. Find out more about why your content marketing team needs a marketing technologist.

Rise of the Marketing Technologist

Marketing technology can’t live in IT anymore. It’s time to own up to our brave new digital world. What words do you associate with marketing? Branding. Positioning. Advertising. No doubt, these are classic foundations of our field. But increasingly, marketing has some new–and very different–word associations. Configuring. Coding. Computing. At first, these words seem foreign. Isn’t the IT department set up for all that tech stuff? Not long ago, software of any kind was clearly the domain of IT. Marketing had neither the inclination nor expertise to get in the weeds of technical implementations. But take a good look around, and you’re likely to be surprised at all the technology that’s entwined in marketing today. Web analytics. Bid management. Marketing automation. CRMs. Content management. Post-click marketing platforms. SEO auditing. Social media monitoring. Attribution management. Digital asset management. And so on. There are now thousands of software applications available for marketers,...