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Stories By Russ Henneberry

How to Use Content Marketing to Cross Sell Your Current Customers

What is it up to now? Ten times more expensive to generate a new customer than to keep an existing one?  50 times? 100 times? Regardless of the number, we are all well aware that the most important asset to any business is its existing customer base.  Of course, just retaining those customers is only a portion of the value they can provide to the bottom line. Existing customers have already made a purchase.  This makes them very likely to buy new offerings or existing offerings that they were not aware of.  This is also known as cross selling.Continue reading

D.I.S. Creates Content Marketing with Lasting Impact

The lifespan of a mayfly is anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Most online content suffers a similar fate. But, content marketing online, when done properly, will have a lasting impact.  It will continue to reap dividends for your organization far into the future.Continue reading

How To Reformat, Repurpose and Resurrect the Existing Content In Your Organization

Creating good content is hard work. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. With a bit of effort, you will likely find that plenty of valuable content already exists within your own organization–you just need to train your eyes to see it.  Continue reading