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Stories By Roger C. Parker

Last-minute Guide to 2014’s Best New Books for Content Marketers

It’s another great year for books that make a big difference for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to improve their content marketing skills. Consider putting these eight titles on your gift-giving list for newbies to C-level execs.

Drive Retail Sales with B2C Content Marketing: 8 Tips + a Checklist

Helpful content is often scattered across a website, posted in multiple locations (and in multiple formats) rather than in a structured, centralized place. Find out how to drive retail sales with B2C content marketing. Get 8 tips and a checklist to help you create a resource center to organize -- and help readers navigate to -- all of your useful content.

7 Ways Limitations Can Boost Your Content Creation Productivity

Although "more" is usually viewed as an advantage, there are times when "less" is better. It's essential to set limits on your content creation efforts to stay focused on your top priorities and avoid burnout. Get 7 ways to strategically place limitations that can boost your content creation efforts and overall content marketing productivity.

7 Books That Will Inspire More Successful Content Marketing

Some of the newest business-focused books on the market hold valuable lessons for building the successful content marketing experiences you need to deliver on a consistent basis. Read on to find inspiration and tips for fostering creativity, making presentations more engaging, increasing productivity and harnessing the power of visual thinking.

How to Organize Your Blog Content with A 3-Step Post Tracker

Blogging has become a key content marketing activity, and the more you blog, the more you need a simple, scalable way to track your previous posts and plan future content. Find out how to organize your blog content with a 3-step post tracker.

12 Content Marketing Books to Add to Your Holiday Gift List

All in all, 2013 has been an exceptional year for well-produced books filled with fresh insights from both established authors and newcomers. Add these 12 content marketing books to your holiday gift list. Any one would be a great resource for advancing your skills and achieving greater success in your content marketing efforts.

7 Reasons to Hire a Former Teacher for a Content Marketing Job

Looking to fill out your organization's content marketing team? Make sure you're not overlooking a significant resource. Find out why a former teacher might be just the person for a content marketing job.

4 Keys to Compelling Content Marketing with White Papers

CMI's Framework white paper concisely communicates the principles that drive CMI. Get the inside story on the collaborative process behind the Framework paper and how it came together. And from this origin story, take away 4 keys to compelling content marketing that will enrich your own white paper efforts.

10-Question Content Curation Scorecard Every Content Curator Needs to Measure Success

In our era of limited time and budget resources, measuring the quality of day-to-day and week-to-week content curation efforts can be a challenge. Use this 10 question scorecard to gauge your ability to discover, share, and create "the best content marketing on the planet" on an ongoing basis.

Follow These 7 Guides for Successful Content Marketing

Read these 7 recently published books to gain value and insight into producing successful content marketing. They all offer solid advice on how to create effective content, and most share a focus on efficiency, taking a structured approach to organizing and sharing information, and visual communications.

Content Creation: 3 Steps to Great Marketing Writing

Once you have ideas lined up, how do you transform them into content. Use this simple 3-step writing formula to help you quickly wade in and boost your success with all types of content creation.

12 Months of Content Marketing Ideas for SlideShare

What's keeping marketers from leveraging SlideShare for content distribution? If it's the content itself that you lack, get started with these content marketing ideas for a year's worth of monthly SlideShare presentations.