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Stories By Robert Rose

Why Native Advertising Is Neither

Native advertising is really just one aspect of the larger discipline known as branded content marketing. The technique of placing content in the context of a publisher's site can have significant value, but the term is really a misnomer. Make sure your content always stands out instead of blending in with the crowd.

B2B Marketing Research: How CMO Roles Need to Evolve

Recent B2B marketing research findings stress that CMO roles need to expand and evolve (along with the entire B2B sales and marketing process). Find out what some of the report's specific findings are and what CMI's take is on the study's implications and imperatives for the B2B marketing industry.

Why Your Business May Need a New Content Map to Find Success

Many digital marketing strategies are falling short these days because marketers are stuck working off an old content map. As we drive ourselves to raise content marketing to the next level, we've got to start creating new content maps to improve the efforts we've made in the past. Consider how you can help your organization develop a new map for success.

A Strategic Map of Content Marketing Technologies

The list of technologies and tools designed to facilitate some part of the content marketing process continues to grow and adapt. Check out our strategic mapping to see how these marketing software solutions line up with the four major components of a successful content marketing approach. And how some of them can also fill the gaps in between the components. Acquires ExactTarget: How It Could Impact Content Marketing

What does the largest acquisition in's history mean for content marketing? Read on for CMI's take on the merger's potential to align content, engagement, and marketing through software.

Be Remarkable or Fail: Changes Content Creators Must Make

In today's crowded marketplace, successful content marketing strategy requires placing a priority on remarkable content over everything else. Find out what changes content creators must make to be effective.

Organizing Your Department for Content Marketing: Strategic Requirements

Research by the Altimeter Group, published this week, finds that brands are challenged with organizing themselves around content marketing. Apply these key takeaways to your organizational challenges.

How to Survive the Disillusionment of Content Marketing

Content marketing seems to be staring down a "valley of disillusionment" these days. But It's really just part of the process on the way to CMI's goal of helping marketers reach the "plateau of productivity." Follow the path with us.

Brand Storytelling: 10 Steps to Start Your Content Marketing Hero's Journey

There are no hard-and-fast rules for brand storytelling, but classic storytelling and structure can help guide you. Follow these 10 steps to start your content marketing hero's journey.

To Create Engaging Content Marketing You Must Hug the Chaos

Fear of chaos and the unknown plague businesses struggling with the changing landscape of marketing today. CMI contributor Robert Rose suggests that to create engaging content, you have to hug the chaos.

Brand Storytelling Lessons from the Content 2020 Project

If you haven’t already seen the overview of Coca Cola’s Content 2020 Project on YouTube, stop reading this right now, and go spend the 18 minutes. If you’re at all interested in how content is going to reshape the strategic marketing process, this is quite simply, a manifesto.Continue reading

How Asking “Why” Helps Us Get to Our Larger Story

Asking "why?" is an important strategy for content marketing. Our content should focus on delivering value to our customers beyond the product or service we provide. It should ultimately answer the question of "why" our customers care about us. Use this classic problem-solving technique to discover the heart of your story, by asking "why" five (or more) times.