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Stories By Robert Rose


The Search for Intelligent Content in the Universe

The intelligent content name is simplicity that belies the complexity of the ideas it supports. As we strive to find smart ways to create, manage, deliver, and maintain our content, learn what’s ahead for intelligent content and ICC.

This Old Marketing – The Evolution Continues

Since “This Old Marketing” debuted a year ago, the only constant in marketing is change. Learn what co-host Robert Rose was saying a year ago that he rarely says today, how marketing now needs to be the business innovator, and more.

No More Boring Brands: Creative Content from a Conservative Company

Caterpillar’s Renee Richardson gave the instruction to “do something cool” and the results turned into a rousing B2B marketing success, breathing new energy into the staid, conservative brand. Learn how it started with three quirky videos that launched the company into social media stardom.

Rocking The Digital Asset Management Stage of Content Marketing

If global enterprises are to successfully transform themselves to function as media companies, the way they handle digital asset management will need to significantly change to stay in step. Take a look at three key processes that, when used in tandem, can help you leverage your assets more nimbly and turn your content marketing "up to 11."

Content Marketing in 2014: The State of the Enterprise

Consumers have changed, but marketing operations in enterprise companies have largely remained the same. Content will affect business -- it's just a matter of "how," not "if." Get insights on tackling the dynamic changes in the industry -- a summary from CMI's recent Enterprise Forum -- in the new report "The State of Enterprise Content Marketing: 2014."

Make the Most of Your B2B Marketing Channels: Research on Webinars

It's critical that B2B businesses learn to balance the effectiveness of both new and existing marketing channels — and experiment with where it's best to deliver content during their customer engagement journey. One option that deserves a closer look? Webinars. Get CMI's new research on webinars.

For Brands, Facebook Is Now a Content Publisher — Not a Community

According to recent research, organic reach for most Facebook pages currently hovers around 6.5 percent and many people expect that number to continue to drop. For brands, Facebook is now a content publisher, not a community. Find out what your brand's options are.

How Content Marketing Success is Blocked by Antiquated Beliefs

As content marketing becomes an increasingly important means of propelling our businesses forward, many marketers are still struggling with the operational issues associated with the discipline. Find out how antiquated beliefs are still blocking content marketing success.

The Entrepreneur's Blueprint for Content Creators

Alexis Ohanian, reddit co-founder, says that if we focus on adding value to people's lives, things that should have an audience will have one. His motto is simple: Make things people want. Learn more about his entrepreneur's blueprint for content creators.

The Content Marketing Race Is On: Oracle Acquires Compendium

With its latest acquisition, Oracle proves that it recognizes the value in Compendium's unique approach to content marketing — and its potential for integration. Take a look at our perspective on what the merger portends for the future of content marketing businesses.

How Content Strategy and Content Marketing Are Separate But Connected

Find out more about how content strategy and content marketing are separate, but connected. The two are related, and there's often significant overlap, but as we begin budgeting and planning for 2014, it's well worth outlining where the differences lie, so that we can resource our strategies effectively.

How Marketers Can Take Data-Driven Content Creation to the Next Level

A data-driven marketing mindset has pushed many marketers into scrambling to find patterns of success that may or may not be there. Find out how you can take data-driven content creation to the next level to deepen engagement with customers.