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Stories By Pam Kozelka

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Is Print Still Relevant? Lincoln Electric Says Yes

Why would a forward-thinking global manufacturer debut a print magazine in 2015? The reasons were numerous for Lincoln Electric. The magazine delivers something for target audiences, its sales teams, and its content marketing program.

Content Marketers: Leverage Those Relationships!

One of the thousands of things we learned at Content Marketing World is that people still want (or you could even say need) in-person events. The event itself took the efforts of 100 people, from the staff to speakers to the event team and sponsors. The response from so many of you on the success of the event has been  overwhelming and has prompted many questions on how we managed to put it all together. One specific question that kept coming up was, “How did you get the word out there?”  Well, I can tell you, a great deal of our success can be attributed to the content produced on the Content Marketing Institute, as well as on Joe Pulizzi’s blog, CCO magazine, and on our social media platforms. But the biggest asset we had was recognizing how important it was to leverage our relationships.Continue reading