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Stories By Neil Patel

5 Mistakes That Hold Back Your Content Marketing

Successful content marketers must evolve in a constantly changing industry. What was a good content marketing strategy or tactic a year ago may be a mistake today. How many of these five mistakes are you making?

11 Killer Tips to Leverage SlideShare’s Power in Your Visual Content Marketing

SlideShare generates more traffic from business owners than any other major social media platform, yet content marketers haven’t scratched the surface of its potential. Start today with these 11 killer tips to leverage your visual content marketing on SlideShare.

6 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Stale Online Content Marketing

Online content marketing is the most powerful form of marketing for companies today. But what happens when it starts to feel stale, old, and boring? Get 6 ideas that can help you reinvigorate your existing efforts and get more mileage from them, without having to reinvent the wheel.

7 Signs Your B2B Content Marketing Is Doomed to Fail

B2B content marketing stinks. It's tough to blog about small niches that nobody cares about, writing about topics only four people on the planet understand. Many B2B content marketers are in a rut. They cling to old practices, perpetuating a plague of boredom. But it doesn't have to be that way. Find out 7 signs your B2B content marketing is doomed to fail (and get a look at examples from several businesses that are doing it right in the B2B space).