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Stories By Neil Patel


7 Surefire Ways to Get More Impact From Your Content Marketing

Why is there a disconnect between doing content marketing and getting results from content marketing? Follow this checklist of tips, tricks, hacks, techniques, and practices to improve the impact of your content marketing.

4 Businesses That Are Doing Content Marketing Like a Boss (and How You Can Do It Too)

You may be in a niche that is tiny, unsexy, and boring. You may have zero in-house talent and no budget. Can you still do content marketing like a boss? Yes. Here are four takeaways from content-marketing “boss” organizations.

5 Obvious Content Marketing Strategies Most Companies Overlook

Too often content marketing strategies erode under daily pressures. It’s understandable and unfortunate that many companies overlook obvious features at the core of a content marketing strategy. Here are five of the most missed.

6 Linking Techniques That Will Help Your Content Get Ranked, Found, and Read

Unless your content gets linked, it doesn’t get ranked. If it’s not ranked, it can’t be found, and if it’s not found, it doesn’t get read. And if no one is reading, what’s the point? Learn how these six linking techniques can help.

3 Things to Learn from the World's 3 Most Popular Blogs

I like learning from people who know what they’re doing. The three most popular blogs in the world demonstrate three powerful lessons that you can implement. Discover which three sites and the practical tip each one offers you.

How to Write Like a Pro in a New Content Niche

If you can pivot your style and approach to write informative, engaging content in a new niche, you are a valuable asset to any company’s marketing efforts. Here’s how to become a successful writer when you’re unfamiliar with the niche.

How to Write Content That Engages Mobile Readers

Your responsive website’s spectacular mobile design means you’re prepared for Google’s new emphasis on mobile-friendly search results, right? Wrong. You’re neglecting the most critical feature – mobile copywriting. Yes, it’s a thing.

How Google Judges Quality and What You Should Do About It

Why is quality important? Because Google says it is. But much of the quality of today’s content is misguided or poorly aligned. I propose a series of adjustments to make your content possess true quality and raise your search rankings.

Brand Innovation: 8 Brilliant Ideas

You’re about to witness some of the most amazing content marketing in the world. When it comes to innovation, power, and masterful expertise, these eight B2B and B2C brands are the ones to watch. Why? So you can learn and imitate.

5 Engagement-Driven Elements You Should Add to Every Blog Post

Everyone wants engagement from their content. The problem is we’re not quite sure of the best way to get it. It’s one area that’s more art than science. Here are five things to consider adding to every blog post to increase engagement.

7 Things That World-Class Bloggers Do to Improve Their Content Marketing Efforts

One of the ways to get better at the craft of blogging is to follow the example of those who are at the top of their game. After years of analyzing their work, I can now share the seven things you must do to be a world-class blogger.

How to Manage Your Freelance Content Providers

The biggest challenge with freelance content providers is managing them. If you don’t do it well, you most likely will receive subpar work. These 12 tips will give you insight in how to develop successful freelance relationships.