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Stories By Michele Linn

10 Content Strategy Practices

10 Content Strategy Practices That Will Make You a Better Marketer

Why are we passionate about content strategy in the marketing world? Adopting these 10 content strategy practices gives you a happier audience (they can find what they need) and a happier team (they help the business meet its goals).

What Should Your Content Marketing Priorities Be?

How many of you spend time doing something that doesn’t help a goal? Wouldn’t it be great to know why you should make something a priority (and why you shouldn’t)? Let us help you prioritize these 10 content marketing goals.

Elevate Your Marketing Career: 5 Ways to Invest in You

You likely have taken direction to “write that blog post” or “make the brochure pretty.” But your value as a content marketer is far greater. How do you elevate yourself so people know the value of a content professional?

Product Marketing to Content Marketing: How to Make the Leap

Having a hard time understanding how educating and growing an audience – without pitching your product – helps you grow the business? We share four ways education can mean more to your bottom line than a direct marketing pitch alone.

3 Ways to Use Transparency in Content to Cut Through the Noise

As Robert Rose says, content can be the biggest differentiator for your product or service. How do you differentiate your content? Be transparent – tell authentic stories that your audience wants to read. Start with these three ways.

Your Brand Needs a Point of View, But Do You?

An 8-year-old knows the value of a personal point of view – it’s what makes Lenny the gourmet cowboy on the Next Food Network Star. Do you know your POV? It can be both a strategic advantage and a guiding star.

Focus Your Marketing: Define Your 3(ish) Critical Words

What three words describe your brand’s content? With those descriptive words, you can have a brand voice that’s easy to share with content creators who can refer to them frequently to ensure a consistent voice across the brand.

Become a More Effective Marketer in 2016: 5 Questions to Answer

Our research findings about effectiveness are essential to understanding the industry. After all, content marketing is only valuable when it works. Look at the results and get ideas on how to make your content marketing more successful.

7 Stolen Content Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today

CMI VP of content finally confesses her predilection for stealing – a habit she picked up from CMI founder Joe Pulizzi. Now, she reveals seven things she stole in 2015 and shares how they can help your own content marketing success.

3 (Easy) Ways to Truly Surprise Your Audience

Year after year, marketers say creating more engaging content is a top challenge. This year, we asked our B2C roundtable members for their counsel. One of their unexpected answers? Surprise your audience. Then they shared how.

A 4-Step Approach to Create Content That Hits the Mark

Creating effective content is the goal of any content marketer. But how do you figure out what’s effective? There isn’t any easy answer, but you can start with this four-step approach inspired by our B2C roundtable and community input.

How to Make Marketing Meetings More Productive and Less Soul-Sucking

How much of your valuable time is sucked up in meetings? We asked B2C roundtable participants for their insights and tips that will leave you and your content marketing team thinking, “That was a good use of my time, and it all makes sense.”