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Stories By Michele Linn

Content Marketing World: Updates From Around The Web

Wow! What an active blogging community we had at Content Marketing World (#cmworld). For those of you who missed the sessions or who couldn’t be in all of the sessions you wanted, here are some posts that cover the highlights of the event. If you have additional posts about the event, please add them in the comments, and I’ll add them to the list, which is organized by day and speaker. (As a note: At time of initial publication, we have 42 posts on the list, which seems a bit like kismet.) A HUGE thanks to everyone who participated in, blogged about, and tweeted about Content Marketing World! As Joe said in his closing, we could not have done this without you! Continue reading

Content Marketing Inspiration from Kevin Smith

Could there be a better way to end our inaugural Content Marketing World than with a keynote presentation from Kevin Smith? If you are unfamiliar with Kevin Smith, here’s a great post that explains some of his work. Kevin is not for the faint of heart, but his points were surprisingly relevant to content marketing. Continue reading

Content Marketing Technology Cage Match

What could be more fun than a cage match between content marketing technology vendors? (Seriously, it was actually entertaining). Robert Rose moderated our lunch time session yesterday in which every vendor had four minutes to tell the audience about their technologies and then had a chance to share a haiku or a 5-word phrase with the audience. As a content marketer, all of these technologies sounded really useful, so here’s a quick summary. Kapost Kapost helps content producers manage the content production process so they can focus on content, audience, and marketing promotion. Haiku: Make content, storms rage Content marketing, dark skies Kapost, sun shines bright Inbound Writer This allows writers to focus on what they do best: understanding and creating engaging content. Divvy HQ This new program (the beta was launched yesterday) helps marketers plan create and manage content plans with something other than the dreaded spreadsheet. It’s an especially useful tool for agencies who hand...

The Power of Fascination and Content Marketing

The first keynote session of the morning at Content Marketing World was from Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation. And fascinate us she did. Sally spoke about fascination, which she defined as an intense, emotional focus. And, she explained that each of us has a personality that is hard-wired to fascinate. “You don’t learn how to be fascinating. You unlearn how to be boring.” Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Career in Content Marketing

The next generation of content marketers gathered today for an educational and networking event at Cleveland State University (CSU). Hosted by the Monte Ahuja College of Business, the Futures in Content Marketing program allowed students to mingle with the professional community and connect with peers. The event featured three speakers who covered trends in marketing and tips on how to prepare for a career in content marketing: James D’Orazio, instructor in marketing at CSU and President of Practical Web Strategies Inc. Todd Wheatland, Head of Global Marketing for Kelly Services Bernie Borges, CEO of Find and Convert Here are some of the key takeaways for marketing students, as well as for those who want to transition into a career in content marketing. Continue reading

12 Organizations Doing Content Marketing Right

We are getting VERY excited about Content Marketing World next week. With that, we have the last post in our series where we ask speakers some questions about content marketing. Today, they inspire us with stories of content marketers who are executing their programs well. Continue reading

Content Marketers Reveal Their Toughest Challenges

As we get ready for Content Marketing World in a few weeks, we asked a few of our speakers to share their insights on some content marketing topics. Over the past two weeks, we posed these questions to them: What technology excites you most as a content marketer? What is your most prescient content marketing prediction for 2012? This week, they let us know what their biggest content marketing challenges are — which might give you some idea of what to focus on as you work through your own content marketing processes. Can you relate? And what can you add? One thing is for certain — you’ll get a lot of answers if you’re attending Content Marketing World! ROI. Most content marketers have not been forced to pay close attention to Return on Investment. This is changing and CEOs, CMOs, etc. are starting to ask some pretty probing questions (“Uhhh…why are we doing this?”). Marketing is moving towards measurement of everything, and the successful content marketers better...

12 Content Marketing Predictions for 2012

As we get ready for Content Marketing World in a few weeks, our speakers are sharing some insights on some content marketing topics. Last week, our speakers answered the question, “What technology excites you most as a content marketer?” This week, they tell us their most prescient content marketing prediction for 2012.Continue reading

12 Technologies and Tools Content Marketers Can Get Excited About

We’re getting very excited about Content Marketing World next month in Cleveland, and we thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of our speakers. Over the several weeks, we’ll share some of our speakers’ opinions on all things content marketing – from B2B to B2C. This week, they answer the question, “What technology excites you most as a content marketer?”Continue reading

10 Must-Have Templates for Content Marketers

Here are 10 templates to help you with everything from content marketing planning, creation and distribution.

How to Hire the Right Consultant for Content Marketing

Looking for help with content marketing? Our CMI contributors are here to help! Over the last three weeks, they have answered these questions: Which parts of the content marketing process are best to outsource (e.g. strategy, process, content production, distribution, and measurement, etc?) When would I hire a marketing agency versus a consultant for content marketing? What do I look for when hiring an agency for content marketing? Today, our contributors weigh in on what you should look for when hiring a consultant for content marketing (i.e. how do you  know you’re hiring the right consultant)? In a nutshell, your content agency must have a raft of major case studies with good metrics to demonstrate they know what they’re doing. The cases should be heavily digital, showing mastery of social media and multi-platform publishing. Most critically, the people must be proven content professionals and veteran storytellers with years of experience—journalists from big magazines and...

How to Find the Right Content Marketing Agency

Are you looking to get help with your content marketing? In our ongoing series, our CMI contributors are helping you find the right help for your content marketing efforts. Over the last two weeks, they have answered these questions: “Which parts of the content marketing process are best to outsource (e.g. strategy, process, content production, distribution, and measurement, etc?)” “When would I hire a marketing agency versus a consultant for content marketing?” This week, our contributors share their insights on what to look for when hiring an agency for content marketing – so you know you’re hiring the right one. Next week, our contributors will help you understand what to look for when hiring a consultant.Continue reading