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Stories By Michele Linn

Do Brands and Agencies Use Content Marketing Differently? [Research]

While there are many similarities in the way brands and agencies use content marketing, there are some notable differences. Here is a breakdown of the key differences, according to the results from the 2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey research report from Brandpoint and CMI.

2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey [Research Report]

Brandpoint and the Content Marketing Institute recently queried 389 marketing decision-makers and found some interesting content marketing trends, including a shift toward outsourcing in content creation. Take a look at some of the key takeaways from the survey.

How to Incorporate Content Design into Content Marketing: The Best from CMI 2011

In this final edition of the best from Content Marketing Institute 2011, we feature our top five posts addressing the increasingly popular topic of content design. These selections will help you make your content marketing efforts outshine the competition with smart how-to's on effectively incorporating design, from infographics to modular formatting. Enjoy... and Happy New Year from all of us at CMI!

Social Media Tips & Trends for Content Marketers: The Best from CMI 2011

Social media sharing is a great way to distribute content, but keeping current with the ever-changing flow of social media information can be difficult. In today's "best of CMI 2011" edition, we share the top five posts on social media tips and trends relevant to content marketers from our social-savvy Contributors.

Content Marketing Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss: Best from CMI 2011

On this third day of CMI's "best-of" 2011 posts, we share more advanced, authoritative posts from our expert CMI contributors on content marketing ideas, as well as how-to's on improving your content marketing process and management efficiency.

Content Marketing Basics: The Best from CMI 2011

In this week's second "best of CMI" compilation of posts, we focus on Content Marketing basics, from what it is (and is not) to how to get started. This selection of content marketing fundamentals from our 2011 CMI contributors should help guide and inform you when venturing into the world of content marketing.

Blogging Essentials for Content Marketing

Happy holidays, everyone! For the next week, we’re going to be sharing the best of CMI content — posts you may have missed or popular favorites that you may want to read again. Today we’re tackling the ever-popular topic of blogging. Continue reading

What is Your Content Marketing Priority? 22 Experts Share Their Goals for 2012

We asked our CMI contributors to share their 2012 content marketing priorities with us and were truly wowed by their diverse and intriguing responses! From "adventurous" and "experimental" to video and mobile marketing initiatives, here are 22 illuminating insights into the 2012 content marketing strategies and priorities of CMI's leading experts. Enjoy, and maybe this will help think about what to focus on as well.

Content Marketing Quick Tips: CMI Contributors Share Their Favorites

One of my favorite kinds of posts on the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) blog are those quick tips that make me go, "Ah ha! Now that is something I should try today!" What's better than one quick tip? Lots of tips. Here our contributors share their favorites.

Favorite Content Marketing Lessons from 2011

One of the things I love about content marketing is that there is always something to learn. Each year — in fact, each month, week or even day — I discover some new nugget of knowledge that helps me to my job better. So, I asked our contributors, “What is the most useful thing you learned about content marketing in 2011?” Read on to learn what they had to say (in order the contributions were received), and add your favorite lesson from the year in the comments.Continue reading

Must-See: Best Content Marketing Examples From 2011

Looking for some great examples of content marketing? Well, look no further. Here, 20 of our bloggers share their favorite examples from 2011. What have you seen that you you love? Let us know in the comments!

21 Things Content Marketing Experts Wish They Had Known When They Got Started

What is our favorite thing about the Content Marketing Institute? Our super-smart contributors! Over the next several weeks, they’ll weigh in on some questions about content marketing. This week, they answer, “What is the one thing you wish someone had told you about content marketing that you had to learn the hard way?” In cooking parlance, content marketing is stock — a building-block ingredient for nearly all of a company’s “dishes.” As a result, content marketing is a political role. It sits in-between multiple departments and even more functions within each department. Just as the sous chef who mixes up the stock that serves as the foundation for the signature dish goes unnoticed by everyone but the head chef, in many ways the content marketer should aim to make his colleagues the celebrities.– Joe Chernov (@jchernov) I wish I knew one thing when I got started: How does your content get found? While there is no single answer to this...