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Stories By Mitt Ray

5 Tips on Finding Fantastic Content for Your White Paper

One of the keys to writing a great white paper is to include lots of quality content. So before you start writing, you’ll need to gather the information you’ll need and modify it to suit your purposes. Here are some tips to help you find fantastic content.

7 Ways to Launch White Papers with a Bang

Marketing your white paper before it is launched can help create buzz and get people lined up to read it as soon as it's available. Start your marketing push a week or two ahead of time and you should have plenty of time to generate excitement and prepare to engage your readers. These tips will help you pave the way for the big launch.

How to Counter the 5 Most Common White Paper Promotion Mistakes

A white paper will only generate leads if it's read by the right people. So once you finish writing, you need to promote it to draw in potential readers and, eventually, convert them into clients. Here are five of the most common white paper promotion mistakes and some tips for avoiding them.