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Stories By Michael Weiss

How Powerful Brand Storytelling Can Supplant Commercials

Chipotle's video "The Scarecrow" got incredible attention online, running through the social channels, but never morphing into a television commercial or banner. Chipotle never paid for placement. Find out the story behind this effort and learn more about how powerful brand storytelling can supplant commercials.

Focus on Critical Skills for A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

When developing a content marketing strategy, we need to start identifying critical skills much earlier in the process. Find out how to assess internal skill sets from the start to help guarantee more successful content marketing efforts.

How GE Makes Big Brand Content Feel Up Close and Personal

How does the third largest company in the world connect with customers? In a recent interview, GE's Executive Director of Global Brand Marketing explains how GE focuses on brand content that uncovers the "maker" in all of us. Find out how GE makes big brand content feel up close and personal.

Why Skills are the Secret to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to content planning, "the more the better" is happening all the time, in companies big and small. But they often find that they cannot fully realize their pie-in-the-sky plans because they don't have the skill sets to execute them. Start assessing your organization's internal skills earlier in the content process, because they are the secret to a successful content marketing strategy.

What Your Content Marketing Can Learn from the Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys were a brand unto themselves, with a huge fan base and some of the greatest MTV videos ever made. We can see now that they also were masters of repurposing content. Find out what your content marketing can learn from the Beastie Boys.

How to Help Your Brand Find Its Most Compelling Story

Content marketers believe in the power of story. But it's vital to know where to go and what to ask when you're searching out your brand's essential story. Try these tips and check out some examples from a couple of the strongest brands on the planet.

Handy Tips for Presenting Your Story Anywhere and Everywhere

Whether pitching in the boardroom or delivering the keynote address at a conference, it's your job to educate, engage, and inspire the audience. Good storytelling is the strongest, most reliable way to do that. Polish these skills and you can win over any audience with a compelling performance.