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Stories By Doug Schumacher

Which Brand is Top Dog at Creating Engaging Facebook Content?

In our ongoing examination of what’s working on Facebook across different industries, let's take a look at the pet food category. Paw through this analysis to find out which brand is top dog when it comes to creating the most engaging Facebook content.

What Social Content Works Best for Engaging Luxury-Minded Consumers?

Whether you are a fashion industry marketer or just want to know how consumers engage with luxury-focused brands on Facebook, these insights can help you improve the way your content engages your target audience.

Facebook Engagement Tactics: A Subject Analysis that Will Help You Discover Emotional Triggers

Here's a look at Facebook engagement tactics; a subject analysis that will give you a better sense of what is working well on Facebook. This analysis focuses on the automotive industry -- specifically, on trucks -- but there are takeaways for content marketers in any industry.

Facebook Content Marketing Lessons from Large Brands

What can small businesses learn from their large-business counterparts about content marketing on Facebook? Here is fresh data focusing on the automotive industry that can offer insights for any business looking to grow its Facebook community through its content efforts.