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Stories By Matt Cooper


How to Use Content That Isn’t Yours

It’s not a sexy content topic, but it’s one that can keep you out of trouble -- how do you use other people’s content ethically and legally? There’s no straightforward rule book, but here’s what you should consider and implement.

Is It Ethical for a Freelance Journalist to Work in Content Marketing?

One former content creator who returned to journalism says content marketing is contributing to the downfall of journalism. I disagree. Here are five reasons why and how a freelance journalist can write in a content marketing world.

Is It Time to Ditch Your Company Blog's Comments Section?

Once seen as a way to engage public dialogue, comment sections have become the refuge for trolls, a referendum on silence, and have been abandoned for social media. Are you going to keep comments? Here are three tips for doing it right.

How to Craft Visual Content for a Mobile Audience

If you don’t visualize data with mobile users in mind, you risk alienating a substantial number of prospective readers. Follow these tips so your data visualizations are designed for maximized viewing on any device.

How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Visual Content

Do you use every part of the animal? You should when the animal is a big data-visualization video or an interactive site. Creating tent-pole content offers dozens of static images to further the rest of your content marketing tactics.