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Stories By Keith Wiegold

Content Marketing Success: Go on, Prove It!

How do you know if you content marketing is really working? Here are some tips on how to prove what results your actions are having.

How to Build Personas to Bring Your Targets (Back) to Life

The whole idea of ”targeting” is an odd practice. As marketers we spend so much time and effort, trying to narrow down who our customers are into an age range, a gender, a geographical location, a household income, that type of thing. Then we end up calling it a target, and wringing our hands about just how difficult it is to ‘hit’ this target. Apparently, we’re aiming at this boiled-down, most-common denominator. Focusing on demographics may be terrific for buying media, but creating content for a boiled-down, most-common denominator leads to, well, boiled-down, common content. Nothing personal. Literally.Continue reading