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Stories By John Nawn

Mobile Apps for Meeting Professionals and Content Marketers

One of the most popular tactics used by B2B content marketers is in-person events, which is why I have been excited to see that 2010 has been ‘The Year of the Meeting App.’ What started as a trickle has ended with a deluge of apps from the simple to the sophisticated – all designed to enhance the meeting experience–for both planner and attendees.Continue reading

How to Distribute Content that Engages After Face-to-Face Meetings

In the first two posts in my series on content strategies for conferences, meetings and events, I  discussed content creation and 20 ideas for content delivery designed to help you engage your audience prior to and during your meeting. This week, I’ll be outlining several content distribution strategies that will help support community building among your attendees and set the stage for your next in-person meeting.Continue reading

20 Ways to Deliver Content that Engages at Face-to-Face Meetings

In last week’s post, I identified several ways organizations are developing content in order to better engage with attendees prior to their meetings. This week, we turn to 20 innovative ways you can deliver content during meetings/face-to-face events–and have much more fun in the process.Continue reading

How to Create Content That Engages At Face-to-Face Meetings

When marketers think of the reasons why they need great content, they often think about their online marketing programs, but content is just as important for in-person meetings and events. In fact, great content, whether it’s a formal session or an informal hallway conversation, is the lifeblood of successful meetings. We’re starting to see new methods and techniques for developing, delivering, and distributing content which are transforming the way we meet, and this has significant implications for content marketers.Continue reading