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Stories By Joseph Kalinowski


AI Text-to-Image Generators: Job Killers or Friendly Robot Assistants?

Do text-to-image generators spell the end for creative careers? Or will AI images become just another tool in the creative palette? Either way, now’s the time to start figuring out some answers. The hosts of The Creative Show are here to help.

5 Reminders About Creativity From The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back documentary sparked CMI’s creative director to turn to the keyboard (the one with letters, not the one with 88 keys). Here are the five lessons for content creators he took away from the almost nine-hour documentary.

3 Questions Your Creative Director Wants You to Answer

Before you run to your creative director to ask for a redesign of your blog, content hub, or website, take a beat. And read expert advice from two designers who know what can go wrong and how to help it go right.

3 Toy Brands Unexpectedly Spark a Content Marketing Adventure

The Toys That Made Us, a Netflix documentary, led CMI’s creative director to an aha moment – how three of his favorite toy lines were his first exposure to content as a retail strategy. Discover how they shaped content marketing today.

Things to Consider Before Crowdsourcing Design

Are you considering crowdsourcing your visual content? It can work under the right circumstance. But often, you’re not set up for the ideal. Here’s what you need to know about how to crowdsource visuals and when to avoid it.

Bringing Ideas to Life: A Look Behind the Creative Curtain

Recently, I came across my sketches for the theme of CMWorld 2015. I thought it would be neat to share the creative process from simple ideas on paper to the final products. Learn how a theme develops and materializes for maximum effect.

Is Design Mostly Dead? DIY Platforms vs. Hiring a Pro

Just because I know how to use a hammer and nails doesn't mean I can build a house. As a professional designer, I get frustrated by the proliferation of images from DIY platforms. Learn what’s missing from them and how to get it.

Content Marketing Lessons from Ferris Bueller and Silent Bob

Never thought you could apply Ferris Bueller's philosophy to day-to-day business? Think about how you can use these content marketing lessons from Ferris Bueller and Silent Bob. It's almost like taking the day off!