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Stories By Jay Baer and Pelin Thorogood and Bryan Eisenberg

How Content Optimization Tools Can Make You a More Effective Writer and Extend Your Reach

As a writer, if you have easy, real-time access to intelligence on topics of interest to your readers based on the words and phrases they use while searching or sharing, can you create online content that is easier to discover and more compelling to read? Perhaps even more fundamentally, does such access impact your approach to developing a content strategy and an overall approach to the content creation process? During a recent study, we explored these questions across a variety of writers and other content professionals. We worked with the participants to monitor: Quantitative improvements to audience reach, engagement, and conversion Qualitative changes to their approaches for developing a content strategy. Our findings were quite revealing: Most writers we worked with didn’t think in terms of establishing a content strategy before they started writing.  Sure, they knew what they wanted to write about and who their target readers were, but the best ways to reach and connect with their...