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Stories By Dawn Papandrea


How to Build a Content Marketing Practice in a Year: Lessons From Monster

A year ago Margaret Magnarelli became managing editor of Monster. Tasked with reestablishing the brand's voice and reconnecting with its core audience, she made it happen. That’s why she’s a Content Marketer of the Year Finalist.

How Cleveland Clinic Became One of the Most Visited Health Care Destinations

Amanda Todorovich started her content marketing journey at Cleveland Clinic with a three-person team and a vision. Now, it’s one of the most visited health-care destinations online and she is a Content Marketer of the Year finalist.

3 Proven Ways to Nail Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling isn’t successful when you slap a few stock images onto your blog. Your visuals deserve more than a second thought. Here are three factors and examples to help you craft your visual content carefully and effectively.