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Stories By Christian Arno

Create Content that Effectively Crosses Cultural and Linguistic Borders

Communicating effectively across national and linguistic borders can create unique challenges. Here are a few steps you can use to create content that won’t get lost in translation.

Crossing the Content Marketing Foreign Language Barrier

In my last article for the Content Marketing Institute, I outlined why there’s a huge opportunity for content marketers to explore and expand into foreign language online markets. I also offered three quick tips for producing and marketing content in multiple languages. This time around, I’d like to expand on that theme with five tips that will get you on the road to running content marketing campaigns internationally even when you’re monolingual yourself. Continue reading

3 Tips for Content Marketing in Foreign Languages

Every year, the web becomes more multilingual. From 2000 to 2008, Web use among the Chinese grew by a whopping 755 percent, while Web use skyrocketed by 2,064 percent by Arabic-speaking individuals. As a comparison, web use increased by 204 percent among English-speaking people. In the near future, Chinese will supplant English as the top language of the Web.  As a result of this trend, businesses realize their success on the Web will depend on creating foreign-language Internet marketing strategies. Continue reading