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Stories By Chris Williams

How to Rewrite a Privacy Policy Into a Marketing Advantage

You might be thinking, “Privacy policy? Who cares about that? It’s just something we had to put up because our lawyer said so.” You can leave it at that, or you can remake your privacy policy into a marketing advantage with a few tweaks. Continue reading

How to Avoid a Never-Ending Edit Cycle (The Dangers of "Just a Few More Changes")

Meet Lou. Lou is a marketing manager for XYZ Corp. Lou receives new website content from his copywriter and sends it to the internal team to review. The sales manager emails him afterward. “I love it!” he says. “I have just a few small changes to make.” Lou’s brain twitches. A “few small changes,” you say? Lou receives the “edited” content. Lou must now resist the urge to yell obscenities that’d make a college football coach blush. ¬†Continue reading