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Stories By Ardath Albee

DIAGNOSIS: A Serious But Curable Disease: Content Dis-Associative Disorder

Does this story sound familiar? Your marketing team creates a lead generation campaign that includes an interactive game that tests their prospects’ aptitude for brilliance.  It’s fun, snazzy and colorful. Next, is a brand awareness program focused on the 30 years of history, patents and engineering feats the company has accomplished in its work on brilliance. It’s serious, academic and dignified. For the launch of a new solution, collateral is created that highlights its feeds and speeds along with the company’s awards for innovation in program design. You’d need a physics degree to get the point. And, your new blog has informative posts presented in a conversational style, but your primary blogger has a fondness for sports metaphors. What overall story is this content sharing with prospective buyers? If you encountered all four of these initiatives, would you intuitively know that the same company was behind each of them? If you did, what impression would that make? This is an example...