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Stories By Ann Gynn


Content Marketing Leaders Reveal Their Helpful Hacks

A hack references a clever solution to a tricky problem. When the tricky problem is content marketing, what are the clever solutions used by the experts? Fifteen share their hacks for productivity, inspiration, curation, and more.

How to Grow Your Subscribers: 19 Experts Weigh In

Building a strong subscriber base takes work, but the payoff is great – an enthusiastic audience and better numbers to show the impact of your content marketing efforts. To help grow your subscribers, 19 experts share their tips.

More Than Personas: How to Know What Your Audience Really Wants

We know our content marketing only works when our audience responds to it. Beyond personas, how can you really, really understand what your audience wants? Answers from Content Marketing World presenters fall into 3 categories.

Changing Times: Finance Marketing Evolves With Content

What’s happening with content marketing in the financial services sector? Discover how industry marketers use content marketing and what they find works well. Learn the lessons, see the examples, and take away essential tips.

17+ Content Marketing Revelations from 2015

A lightbulb moment can set you on a new course or change the direction of your path. The presenters for Content Marketing World 2015 share their aha content marketing revelations from the past year. Which ones will be your epiphany?

Content Marketing Experts Reveal Which Brands are Pushing the Envelope

What inspires today’s leading content marketers? We asked CMWorld 2015 presenters and friends. Their responses run the gamut, from familiar brand names to little-known companies thriving in a niche. Read on to be invigorated.

Don’t Make These 9 Common SEO Mistakes

If the primary goal of your content is to boost SEO, you need to create your content differently than if you wanted to increase the number of shares on social. Learn how to avoid nine common search mistakes in your content, and truly optimize your search engine results.

5 Ways Content Marketers Can Get More Value from LinkedIn

If you only view LinkedIn as your digital resume and business card collection, you're missing its most valuable parts that really can help grow your business, expand your content's audience and improve valuable connections. Discover how Groups, Company and Showcase pages plus its newest app can make your marketing even more successful.

How the Entertainment Industry Can Influence Your Content Marketing Job

Content marketers may not have cause to shout, "lights, camera, action." But like Hollywood icons, we are all looking to make a connection with the audience. Take a look at how some of the presenters at Content Marketing World 2014 view a content marketing job through the lens of an entertainment studio.

Ideas to Spark Your B2B Content Marketing Imagination

At this year's Content Marketing World conference, GE's Global Manager of Digital Marketing Katrina Craigwell offered a glimpse into some of the ways GE develops and tells its B2B content marketing stories — and, perhaps even more importantly, how its target audiences are helping to share them. Even if your company has complex or less obvious stories to share, get ideas to spark your B2B content marketing imagination.

The Content Marketing Myths We've Left Behind: Do You Still Believe?

With the spirit of innovation in mind, we share some evolutionary insights from a few of CMI's blog contributors, training instructors and Content Marketing World speakers. Find out how they answered the question: What's one thing you believed about content marketing that you no longer consider to be true, and what changed your mind?

Tricks That Will Bring Treats to Your Content Marketing Toolkit

All content marketers should have a trick or two they can use to address their toughest business challenges. Whether you need to produce more content, create more engaging or effective content, optimize your workflow or otherwise streamline your efforts, these ideas from the content marketing toolkits of industry experts are sure to do the trick.