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Stories By Amanda Maksymiw

Checklist: How to Ensure Quality Control in Content Marketing

Picture this: you are part of a small marketing team tasked with managing a corporate blog, creating case studies and eBooks, making videos, recording podcasts, writing articles, researching and creating reports, writing and sending a newsletter, boosting website traffic, building the subscriber base, communicating with influencers, and building the brand.  Since there are so many moving parts in the mix, there is a good chance that you will make a mistake.  Marketers are human after all. Continue reading

How to Curate Content for an Aggregated Content Site

OpenView Labs, my firm’s new content site, was launched last month. The site includes articles written by the OpenView team from repurposed blog posts, articles from the community, and summaries of content created from others outside of OpenView. For this post, I’d like to discuss how we use summaries of externally-created content to keep the site full of valuable content on a daily basis.Continue reading

How to Repurpose Blogs into Articles

My firm recently launched a curated content site featuring new and recycled articles from our team and summaries of externally created content. For this post, I’d like to share our process for re-purposing blogs into articles.Continue reading

How One Company Organizes its Corporate Blog – And Gets Every Employee Involved

In my last CMI post, I shared some details on my firm’s content marketing strategy. In this post, I’d like to share some lessons we have learned in terms of getting our blog, one of the core components of our strategy, off of the ground. Every employee at OpenView Venture Partners is committed to writing a weekly blog post for our target audience – senior managers of expansion stage technology companies. Since we started blogging in September 2009, our blog and main website regularly attract over 2200 unique visitors each week. This is quite a boost from our old web traffic statistics. For example, before we launched our blog, we averaged about 600 unique visitors to our site per week.Continue reading

How One Company Got Started with Content Marketing

Last fall, OpenView Venture Partners invited Joe Pulizzi and a few other content marketing experts to organize a workshop on content marketing for our portfolio companies.  Our portfolio companies weren’t the only ones taking notes.  After hearing the experts, we were sold.  We jumped right into a content marketing program of our own. Read this post to learn about the tactics we tried and the results we’ve had so far. Continue reading

How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand: One Company’s Story

As content marketers know, by creating and developing valuable, useful content, your brand may become a thought leader over time. Who doesn’t want that? Think about it. At some point, every marketer is tasked with positioning his or her brand as a thought leader. This is a popular vision for many reasons – increased name recognition, credibility, and (ultimately) a preference for the company’s products. So how can content marketing help build a brand as a thought leader? Here’s the story of one company I have worked with.Continue reading