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7 Apps and Tools Obsessed by Content Marketers


We all have those go-to apps or tools. You know, those icons you instinctively tap and that frustrate you when they’re switched to a different position on the page. Or those sites you don’t even need to bookmark because they pop up when you type the first letter in the address bar.

I appreciate learning what others consider their most-loved sites or apps so I can consider adding them to my repertoire. This month, I asked seven people connected to CCO magazine to share with you a manageable list of a diverse group of must-have tools to help improve your work life.


Taking 10 minutes out of a busy afternoon for the Headspace app clears my cluttered mind and lets me be present in my writing or at a client meeting. In the midst of work chaos, meditation helps shift my focus and improve my productivity.
Monina Wagner, social media community manager, Content Marketing Institute



Here’s the deal: I host and write a highly produced, narrative-style podcast called Unthinkable about the creative side of content marketing. Making a single episode requires more moving pieces than can fit on this page, so if I don’t document how to produce our episodes, we’d derail pretty quickly.

Tettra is this really beautiful wiki software that integrates with Slack. I use it to document the show’s rundown — the minute-by-minute structure of the podcast that’s invisible to the audience (similar to what TV show writers use). I’m a huge fan, and huge believer that documented knowledge is the only way to grow and improve creative projects.
Jay Acunzo, founder and host, Unthinkable

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Hemingway Editor

On so many projects, I recommend the free Hemingway Editor tool. Way too many websites have complex and long text. This increases cognitive load and decreases readability. I love the simple way this tool guides you to smarter and tighter copy. The internet would be a much better place to read if everyone used Hemingway.
Melissa Eggleston, content strategist, UX specialist



I have found Flipboard to be one of the most valuable tools in my curator’s cupboard. The intuitive interface makes it a breeze to find relevant, authoritative news, and thought-leadership content. I can save source materials, categorize my clippings by client or subject area, and call everything up in a snap — no matter what platform I’m working on. Not to mention the end result feels like I’m flipping through an attractively designed magazine of all the stories I’ve been meaning to read, which helps me spend more time immersed in content and less time searching for it.
Jodi Harris, consulting director, editorial and curation, Content Marketing Institute

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Adobe Premiere Pro

I’m obsessed with Adobe’s Premiere Pro software tools for video editing. It has incredible 360-video plugins that allow us to edit wearing a headset so we can see what the audience is seeing. Before, we had to edit the video flat, then render it out to a headset so we could see whether our edits matched the areas of attention correctly.
Sarah Hill, CEO and chief storyteller, StoryUP



The tool I adore (and still regrettably don’t use all of its potential) is CoSchedule. It’s my editorial calendar, blog, and social media planner … and because it plugs straight into WordPress as well as integrates with Evernote, the workflow from initial idea to published blog post to social media distribution is so much easier. My only regret is that it makes these tasks so easy that I can only blame myself now for not posting on my own blog more regularly.
Jonathan Crossfield, writer, blogger and journalist



I have tried many systems to keep myself organized, and nothing quite clicked until I found Trello. I use it for everything from managing my extensive to-do list to collaborating with other editors at CMI. I love that I can add items with ease from any device as well as easily organize tasks. Trello is also the place where I centralize all of the random notes and processes I may need in the future. It’s ideal to have one place to store everything I need instead of searching in multiple locations.

For instance, I’ll cull through my to-do’s each day and pull out five things I want to accomplish. Or, I’ll use it for a shared project such as an editorial calendar (see below). I can use it to track everything from the items I reference often to blog categories, article ideas, posts in progress, and what has been published.
Michele Linn, senior director of content, Content Marketing Institute

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If you were on a deserted island with a solar-powered tablet and great Wi-Fi (and still needed to work), what’s the one app you wouldn’t want to work without?

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