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Benchmarks and Outliers, Endings and Beginnings [The Weekly Wrap]

This week, we look at benchmarks and outliers from Animalz research. We spot the end for someone’s LinkedIn Live (and perhaps a beginning for yours). And we share construction technology’s modern voice (and a podcast).

Those are three things we noticed this week. Let’s dig in.

How are you doing?

WHO: Animalz, a content marketing agency and report author 

WHAT: The Animalz Content Marketing Benchmark Report 2020 is an analysis of 150 million page views on blogs written for software-as-a-service (SaaS) audiences between September 2019 and August 2020.


 WHY IT MATTERS: If you’re a B2B content marketer who wants to know how you’re doing compared to others, this report should be a go-to resource.

The research revealed that the median time on page was 3 minutes 15 seconds – or about as long as it takes an average reader to consume 400 words. That’s why Animalz recommends the BLUF – bottom line up front – method to content creation.

3 minutes 15 seconds = median time on page for SaaS #blogs in @AnimalzCo analysis of 150 million page views via @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click To Tweet

The report not only includes benchmarks, but it also looks at the “outliers” to show what it takes to achieve high traffic and growth. For example, the average time on page for one developer-focused blog was over 12 minutes overall and over 30 minutes for one post (a guide to building web APIs).

The takeaway? “Tutorial content increases engagement metrics … by delivering a huge amount of specific, concrete value,” the Animalz team writes.

Read the full report for great stats and insights.

HOW IT WAS DISCOVERED: Hat tip to SaaS Marketing Insights podcast host Paul Stephenson who tweeted about it this week.

Smile, you’re on LinkedIn

WHO: Allen Gannett, author of The Creative Curve

 WHAT: #AllenAsks on LinkedIn Live series

The most recent and final episode of this seven-month series features Daniel Pink, The New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive, and To Sell is Human. Appropriately enough, they talk about timing, endings, and Daniel’s newest project.


WHY IT MATTERS: Allen created this series during the pandemic on LinkedIn Live – a relatively recent addition to the platform. His shows attracted attention and, more importantly, engaged viewers in thoughtful and sometimes inspiring conversations.

Allen showed how content creators can use LinkedIn Live to engage – as long as that’s where your audience is and you have something to say, share, or show. (Keep in mind: Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn must approve your go-live application. Get all the details on how to apply here.

Side note: Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the LinkedIn Live videos on demand. They’re buried in the activity section on the host’s LinkedIn page.

HOW IT WAS DISCOVERED: Linda Smith shared Allen’s show on a LinkedIn post from CMI: “I enjoy Allen Gannett #AskAllenLive LinkedIn videos. Always great guests with great ideas.”

.@Allen Gannett’s LinkedIn Live videos always had great guests with great ideas, says @myorigingals via @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click To Tweet

Talk tech with tech

WHO: JBKnowledge, a Texas-based firm creating insurance and construction technology 

WHAT: The ConTechCrew podcast explores innovations, strategies, and applications for construction technology with entrepreneur and host James Benham.


WHY IT MATTERS: JBKnowledge knows how to talk tech – ConTechCrew has over 240 episodes under its belt. And, according to a satisfied listener, they’re doing fine work: “The hosts are fun, smart, and know how to get the best out of their guests.”

#ConTechCrew #podcast hosts know how to get the best out of their guests, says Rachel Jones via @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click To Tweet

We love that last point – getting the best out of guests. Interviewing for a podcast is a unique skill. It requires planning to identify topics that work well in an audio format, finding guests who are comfortable talking about those topics, and hiring a host who can make the most out of both topic and guest.

HOW IT WAS DISCOVERED: Rachel Jones, who works in the construction tech space, turned us on to the ConTechCrew podcast. She shared the thoughts above on a CMI LinkedIn post where we asked for interesting content marketing tactics and examples.

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Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute