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100 Inspirational, Educational, and Just-Plain-Cool Content Marketing Examples

Looking for content marketing ideas? Aren’t we all? In the moments when I feel most overwhelmed with all the blogs, white papers, articles, social media posts, and more that exist online, sometimes it helps to take a step back and just browse my favorite sites for inspiration.

That’s why the team here at the Content Marketing Institute recently pulled together a “100 Content Marketing Examples Guide.” While what we’ve gathered is in no way meant to be a representative list of “the only way” to do content marketing (because to achieve that would take, well, forever), we feel we’ve compiled a great springboard from which to launch your efforts.

In the guide, we share how companies big and small from various locations and industries are producing creative and successful content marketing campaigns across multiple online, in person, and print channels. You’ll get content examples from blogs, magazines, social media sites, live events, mobile apps, and more. But, in the spirit of education, we’ve always looked to provide our insights or additional resources to help you take the examples one step further and start incorporating similar ideas into your own programs.

Gathering these initial 100 examples is just the beginning, though. What we’d love to hear from you are additional content marketing campaigns that you find to be the most interesting or unique — especially with the recent launch of Facebook Timeline for brands and the growing popularity of Google+. For example, the Verizon Wireless (check out their Smartphone Glossary) and Old Spice pages have done some incredible things with content marketing on their Timelines — and are creating quite a buzz — so please add in the comments below what stellar examples you think belong on our list. As content marketing continues to grow not only in popularity but also in business relevance, we look forward to expanding our repository of examples into 2012 and beyond.

Finally – just a quick shout out to Jodi Harris and Joseph Kalinowski (JK) for helping us pull together this awesome Guide!

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