By Content Marketing Institute Team published September 17, 2021

3 Hot Takes: LEGO and JPMorgan Chase Sizzle, Doritos Fizzles

This week, Lego customer service avoids the dark side. JP Morgan Chase scarfs down restaurant content. And Doritos tweets surprisingly bland content during the MTV Video Music Awards. Read our take on these content examples, then add your verdict in the comments.Continue Reading

By Ann Gynn published September 16, 2021

Why These Post-Pandemic Content Marketing Tips Are the Worst

Only a few weeks into the pandemic, I wrote 7 Steps to Create a Helpful Interim Content Marketing Strategy. Tired of reading about COVID-19 everywhere, I purposely focused the article on any significant disruption to a brand’s content marketing.

I know, I know. My naivete seems laughable 18 months later. I no longer think of the pandemic as a disruption deserving of interim treatment but as a revolutionary moment for most brands’ content marketing.

Unfortunately, we aren’t living in a post-pandemic world yet. But there’s no shortage of pontificating about how to adjust your content and marketing plans to meet that eventual. Some advice hits the mark (think: anything about getting in your audience’s head), but other pronouncements point you in the wrong direction.

We asked the experts presenting at Content Marketing World to share the worst advice they’ve heard about marketing in a post-pandemic world. They came through – and explained why you shouldn’t fall for any of it.Continue Reading

By Robert Rose published September 15, 2021

Solve 3 Puzzles in 1 Content Strategy [Video Series]

By Jodi Harris published September 14, 2021

These 4 Content Marketing Fails Are Fixable: Here’s How

By Aaron Agius published September 13, 2021

PPC and Content Marketing: The Perfect Combo for Immediate ROI

By Content Marketing Institute Team published September 10, 2021

3 Hot Takes: These Brands Make Content Marketing Look Like Kid Stuff

By Ann Gynn published September 9, 2021

28 Ideas for Better Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Event Content and Experiences

By Darren DeMatas published September 8, 2021

7 Ideas To Get Your Creativity Unstuck

By Jodi Harris published September 7, 2021

Content Distribution: Everything You Need to Know Right Now

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