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Enabling the Future State of Content [White Paper]

Published: 2019-06-28

“When change is a constant, how do you prepare for the future?” The customer experience increasingly determines success in a digital world. What ultimately matters is communicating clearly and connecting emotionally to deliver powerful and engaging experiences. Learn how developments … Continue reading

Brand Attachment [White Paper]

Published: 2018-05-21

Building Emotional Connections Across the Customer Journey Time and time again, behavioral research proves that if our emotions are strong enough, they’ll override rational thought. This concept is the foundation to the brands we love, what we choose to buy … Continue reading

Learn Everything About Digital Asset Management [White Paper]

Published: 2017-08-08

This original Dummies Book from Wiley explains in plain English, including how you can develop an effective DAM structure to manage your digital assets, how you can establish permissions about who can use the system while maintaining the system’s security, … Continue reading

Interactive Content Case Studies [White Paper]

Published: 2015-08-10

9 Stunning Success Stories Content has entered a whole new era with higher expectations of usefulness and functionality. Today’s B2B and B2C buyers want content that constructively helps them accomplish their goals. This collection of nine interactive content case studies … Continue reading

Getting There: How Brands, Publishers, and Agencies Use Content Analytics [White Paper]


Publishers, brands and agencies are currently operating in a content-rich media ecosystem. And all content (and the audiences that consume it) leaves behind a footprint of data and analytics. We wanted to know what action was being taken with this … Continue reading

Why Webinars Help Marketers Win [White Paper]


Start Rocking Your Lead Gen with Webinars As content marketers, we’re a bit like triathletes. Thankfully, webinars help us as we compete for mind share across content formats. The research is clear: An effective webinar engages customers, builds thought leadership, … Continue reading

Planning & Measuring Campaigns Playbook [White Paper]


Best Practices for Utilizing Social Insights to Plan and Measure Campaigns Social media campaigns can be challenging to plan, measure and execute. Despite how common they now are for marketers, many brands and agencies still execute social campaigns based on … Continue reading

CMO’s Guide to Social Media in 2018 [White Paper]


Everything Business Leaders Need to Know About Social Media in 2018 The social media revolution began over a decade ago and most businesses now implement some kind of strategy for social. But technology doesn’t stand still and social media has … Continue reading

The Customer-First Future of Customer Care [White Paper]


The world spent $563 billion on advertising this year. By contrast, we spent $9 billion on customer care. That means brands spend 98% of their time and resources trying to find customers, and only 2% actually taking care of their … Continue reading

17 Experts on What It Takes to Master Customer Experience [White Paper]


Customer experience is the new battleground for brands. 89% of organizations compete primarily on experience, and 95% tell others about a bad experience. To help brands compete in this new world, we spoke with 17 experts about the current state … Continue reading