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Operations, Teams and Process

Published: 2014-11-01

Are B2C Content Marketing Teams Getting What They Need to Succeed? [New Research]

Published: 2017-12-06

B2C marketers soon may find the pressure to do more outpaces the content marketing team’s ability to keep up. That’s just one takeaway from today’s release of B2C Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. Continue reading

A Step-by-Step Process for Scoring Your Content

Published: 2017-09-21

Think of a piece of content your team published recently. On a scale of 0 to 100, how would you rate it? And how would your rating help your company? Consider the method that Red Hat devised for scoring content performance.
Continue reading

A Content Success Story: How FedEx Operations Now Delivers a Better Customer Experience

Published: 2017-08-16

Redundancies, overlaps, and lack of communication kept good content marketers from delivering a great content experience for FedEx customers. Drew Bailey wanted to change that. That’s why he is a Content Marketer of the Year nominee. Continue reading

Editorial Planning and Teams

Published: 2017-02-21

Your plan is where you set up the people, processes, and technology needed to build your content marketing engine – and keep it humming. Once you have documented your strategy, you need to put it to action. Your plan should … Continue reading

Want to Scale Up Your Content Operations? 4 Things to Think Big About [Infographic]

Published: 2017-02-16

Want to reuse your content in smarter ways and get in front of more readers? It’s time to scale up your content operations. Consider this advice from 20 experts presenting at the Intelligent Content Conference. Continue reading

How a Newsroom Approach Helps Teams Produce Quality Content on a Deadline

Published: 2016-11-11

To create outstanding content that meets your business goals, your content team needs time and staff, while ensuring that the right work gets done at the right time. Here’s how some best-in-class content teams address that challenge. Continue reading

The 2017 Content Marketing Framework: 5 Building Blocks for Profitable, Scalable Operations

Published: 2016-10-27

Marketers have become successful at making the case for content. Now we need to slow down so we can get better at it. Learn how to run more successful, scalable, and strategic operations with CMI’s new Content Marketing Framework Continue reading

Should Your Content Marketing Process Make Room for Big Data?

Published: 2013-10-06

Should your content marketing process make room for Big Data? It was a hot topic at Content Marketing World 2013, with some calling it crucial and others finding it to be overhyped. CMI asked several industry experts who spoke at the recent event to weigh in on the importance of Big Data. Find out where they stand on the issue. Continue reading

6 Experts Share Tips for Managing the Content Marketing Process [Video]

Published: 2013-03-08

Marketers at mid-to-large brands, often struggle with organizing content efforts. In this video, 6 experts share challenges and solutions for managing the content marketing process across their often complex and highly-matrixed organizations. Continue reading