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Tech Marketers Shine But Face a Big Hurdle: Content Operations [New Research]

Published: 2022-03-23

Tech marketers have a good handle on content marketing, according to the latest CMI research. But that doesn’t mean they’ve avoided the challenges and growing pains experienced by their colleagues in other industries. Continue reading

5 Practical Ways To Prevent Burnout In High-Performing Content Teams

Published: 2022-03-21

Speed bumps in your content marketing process create bigger hurdles for your content marketing team. What can you do to minimize or even prevent them so things run smoothly? Here’s some advice. Continue reading

Stop Juggling Content Creation – Follow This 5-Step Planning Process

Published: 2021-12-08

Stop being a short-order cook, planning how to combine “content” meals as efficiently as possible. It’s time to be a chef, planning a menu of what will and will NOT be served. Here’s five steps to do just that. Continue reading

Content Operations Framework: How To Build Yours

Published: 2021-11-30

It’s not good enough to only focus on your content marketing efforts. To meet evolving expectations, you now must construct, implement, and administer a framework for content operations throughout your brand. Continue reading

How To Set Up a Publishing Process That Gets Content Into the Game

Published: 2021-10-25

The right content publishing process helps you guide your content down the field and over the publication line so audiences can consume it. Try these tips (honed over seven years of weekday publishing) to set up or improve yours. Continue reading

How Content Operations (Done Well) Magically Balances Creativity and Scale [Video Series]

Published: 2021-05-19

Getting content operations right frees marketers to act like creative kids and still produce an efficient, scalable product. Here’s how we got to where we are today and four models to consider now. Continue reading

Want More Method and Less Madness? Check Your Content Operations

Published: 2021-05-05

People, processes, and technology (also known as content operations) make up the machine that turns your strategy into effective content marketing. Try this basic blueprint to set up a new content operations infrastructure or fine-tune the one you’ve got. Continue reading

The 9 Awful Circles of Content Operations Hell

Published: 2020-12-03

Is your brand its own worst enemy when it comes to content? How many of these circles of content operation hell are you in? Find the exit door to escape them and become a content marketing hero. Continue reading

Are B2C Content Marketing Teams Getting What They Need to Succeed? [New Research]

Published: 2017-12-06

B2C marketers soon may find the pressure to do more outpaces the content marketing team’s ability to keep up. That’s just one takeaway from today’s release of B2C Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. Continue reading

A Step-by-Step Process for Scoring Your Content

Published: 2017-09-21

Think of a piece of content your team published recently. On a scale of 0 to 100, how would you rate it? And how would your rating help your company? Consider the method that Red Hat devised for scoring content performance.
Continue reading