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Stop Wanting to Be Liked (Instagram Is Doing It For You Anyway)

Published: 2019-11-20

What’s a content marketer to do with the news Instagram is piloting elimination of public “like” counts in the United States? Take it as an opportunity to strengthen your overall social media program. Continue reading

How to Engineer Your Brand’s Instagram Success Story

Published: 2019-11-05

Instagram seems straightforward. But if your goal is to sustain engagement, scale your reach, and drive meaningful customer actions, it can be deceptively challenging. Just ask the popular Accidentally Wes Anderson account creator. Continue reading

Get More Traffic From Instagram With This Easy Content Plan

Published: 2019-09-30

How do you get traffic from Instagram, which seems designed to keep users inside the platform forever? Follow the VALUE framework. And do it with your existing blog content. Here’s how to make the translation and grow your followers. Continue reading

6 Instagram Mistakes That Keep Your Brand From Growing

Published: 2019-06-10

More than 25 million business profiles exist on Instagram. It isn’t the easiest social media channel for brands to master and many make common mistakes that can be easily avoided. Here are six of them. Continue reading

Stop Wanting to Be Liked (Instagram May Do It For You Anyway)

Published: 2019-05-17

Instagram’s experimentation to stop showing “like” counts has teens and influencers wringing their hands. But what’s a content marketer to do? Take these seven suggestions to strengthen your social media program. Continue reading

Instagram Marketing: Social Media Experts Share Top Tips

Published: 2019-03-04

Instagram offers big bang for your social media buck and creative ways to build active, engaged communities. Learn how to get an edge on your competition with this new roundup of the best Instagram tips and tricks. Continue reading

7 Great Instagram Scheduling Tools for 2019

Published: 2019-02-19

What if you had tools that don’t require a 24/7 commitment but make it seem like you operate your brand’s Instagram accounts all day and night? Here are seven options. Continue reading

9 Font Hacks for Instagram Stories You Should Know

Published: 2018-11-29

If you’re a brand trying to stand out in the Instagram Stories crowd, you need to fill your toolbox with options. Here are nine lesser-known font hacks to get your Stories better visibility. Continue reading

7 Instagram Stickers That Can Make Your Stories Even Better

Published: 2018-10-05

Instagram offers abundant opportunities to create sticky content. Learn how to use seven of its sticker types to make your brand’s content more visually interactive and engaging. Continue reading

7 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers

Published: 2018-05-18

One-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses. How do you take advantage of this feature on the fast-growing platform? Consider these seven fresh ideas. Continue reading