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7 Ways to Repurpose Content and Grow Your Customer Base

Published: 2021-05-06

No matter how large your team, repurposing can be the solution to lighten the content creation workload. It’s also a good way to get your content in front of more people in formats they might prefer better. Continue reading

Want More Method and Less Madness? Check Your Content Operations

Published: 2021-05-05

People, processes, and technology (also known as content operations) make up the machine that turns your strategy into effective content marketing. Try this basic blueprint to set up a new content operations infrastructure or fine-tune the one you’ve got. Continue reading

Reach a Wider Audience, Step Up Your Content Distribution Strategy

Published: 2021-03-23

You’re confident the content is valuable, so why aren’t you seeing the traffic and conversions? You need a more proactive content distribution strategy. Here are some ways to do just that. Continue reading

3 Playful Content Marketing Examples Show Brands Getting Their Game On

Published: 2021-03-12

Look beyond your content team for inspiration. Involve your at-home co-workers, viewers, and customers in your content creation and delivery to up the fun factor for everyone. These brand examples show how it’s done. Continue reading

Fine-Tune Your Reach and Frequency for Modern Marketing [Video Series Debut]

Published: 2021-01-20

Catch the first episode of CMI’s new video and blog series – Marketing Makers. Each month, Robert Rose explores a foundational marketing concept and explains how it applies to content marketing. First up? Reach and frequency. Continue reading

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Personal Brand

Published: 2020-12-17

Whether you’re looking for a promotion or new job, or want to pivot your role or industry, create a content marketing strategy to support your personal brand in 2021. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading

2020 Content Marketing Awards Winners Aspire and Deliver Big Results

Published: 2020-10-15

The top winners of the 2020 Content Marketing Awards were announced this week. Learn about the Project of the Year winner and finalists. Discover the Agency of the Year, Best Branded Content Campaigns, and Content Marketers of the Year.
Continue reading

8 Things to Help Your Content Marketing Survive the Pandemic

Published: 2020-05-14

Joe Pulizzi shares how he founded the Content Marketing Institute in another unprecedented time. He then reveals eight things content marketers should be doing during this crisis. Continue reading

How to Build a Personal Brand After a Job Loss

Published: 2020-04-15

After he was laid off in 2008, Dennis Shiao took a content marketing approach to create and grow his personal brand. He became a publisher of information and, 12 years later, he’s still doing it successfully. Continue reading

7 Brands Getting Email Right During a Crisis [Examples]

Published: 2020-04-01

Every company under the sun seems to be sending emails around the pandemic news. Let’s look at seven examples of marketers rising to the occasion to deliver value and promote togetherness when we all need to stand six feet apart. Continue reading