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How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone [Fresh Examples]

Published: 2018-09-04

When people learn you’re in “content marketing,” do they give you a quizzical look or directly ask, “What exactly is content marketing?” Here’s how to explain it simply with real-life examples everyone will understand. Continue reading

How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone

Published: 2017-07-30

What is content marketing? The perpetual question deserves another explanation. If you’re new to the practice, want a new way to look at what you’re doing, or just want help in explaining it to your relatives, this post is for you. Continue reading

Are You Guilty of the One Thing That Kills Content Marketing?

Published: 2020-05-21

Are your blog posts not converting? Are your e-newsletters going unopened? Are you being ignored on social media? You may not be doing the one thing that is a good predictor of content marketing success. Continue reading

How to Boost Your Content Marketing Team’s Efficiency

Published: 2020-05-20

Processes often take a back seat to content marketing talk of quality, conversions, and brand alignment. It’s time to change that. Executed well, they let you do the right work at the right time with as little waste as possible. Continue reading

8 Things to Help Your Content Marketing Survive the Pandemic

Published: 2020-05-14

Joe Pulizzi shares how he founded the Content Marketing Institute in another unprecedented time. He then reveals eight things content marketers should be doing during this crisis. Continue reading

How We’re Navigating the New Now of Content Marketing

Published: 2020-04-23

CMI General Manager Stephanie Stahl thought she’d be at ContentTECH Summit in San Diego this week. That’s not possible for anyone, so she’s sharing how CMI is preparing for the new normal, from events and videos to blogs and social. And she wants to hear how you’re doing it, too. Continue reading

Get an A for Accuracy With This Fact-Checking Content Checklist

Published: 2020-03-23

Let’s make this simple. Factually wrong content is bad. Accuracy is a necessity for trust from your audience. Welcome to the content creators’ and editors’ fact-checking checklist. Continue reading

How to Create Visual Content That’s Worth a Thousand Shares

Published: 2020-03-18

Take a fresh look at how your photos, videos, and graphics do the talking for your brand. Here are some of our top visual content tips – with examples – to help you find or reinforce your signature visual style. Continue reading

Helpful Tools to Streamline Your Content Production Process

Published: 2020-03-16

The content production process seemed like a never-ending series of hurdles. But that changed when this content marketing team armed themselves with the right process and helpful tools. Here’s how. Continue reading

Ad Age Content Marketing Finalists Are Ads. It’s Wrong and It Matters.

Published: 2020-02-28

This post is a bit of a rant and a mea culpa. CMI’s Robert Rose takes on Ad Age’s erroneous description of content marketing in its latest awards – and why it matters. Continue reading