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How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone [Fresh Examples]

Published: 2018-09-04

When people learn you’re in “content marketing,” do they give you a quizzical look or directly ask, “What exactly is content marketing?” Here’s how to explain it simply with real-life examples everyone will understand. Continue reading

How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone

Published: 2017-07-30

What is content marketing? The perpetual question deserves another explanation. If you’re new to the practice, want a new way to look at what you’re doing, or just want help in explaining it to your relatives, this post is for you. Continue reading

What Is Media Planning – and Why Should Content Marketers Care? [Video Show]

Published: 2021-02-17

Now that so many content marketers run their own media channels, they also must be media planners. Learn what that means, how to strike across paid, earned, owned, and shared channels, and more in this edition of Marketing Makers. Continue reading

Disguises Are for Superheroes – Not Great Content [The Weekly Wrap]

Published: 2021-01-22

Don’t hide your content behind a bland headline. This week in content marketing, we share an example to prove the rule, plus new research into the search performance of marketing terms and a sweet ( but overlooked) content opportunity. Continue reading

Fine-Tune Your Reach and Frequency for Modern Marketing [Video Series Debut]

Published: 2021-01-20

Catch the first episode of CMI’s new video and blog series – Marketing Makers. Each month, Robert Rose explores a foundational marketing concept and explains how it applies to content marketing. First up? Reach and frequency. Continue reading

100+ Content Marketing Predictions for 2021

Published: 2020-12-10

We sent more than 100 virtual crystal balls to content marketing thought leaders and subject matter experts. Find out what themes emerged in their predictions for content marketing in 2021. Continue reading

Tips to Improve Website Content for Screen Readers

Published: 2020-12-07

Can screen readers seamlessly give voice to your words and images? It’s a smart move to make sure – not only to be inclusive of people with visual impairments but also to reach people who use voice-assisted tech. Continue reading

The 9 Awful Circles of Content Operations Hell

Published: 2020-12-03

Is your brand its own worst enemy when it comes to content? How many of these circles of content operation hell are you in? Find the exit door to escape them and become a content marketing hero. Continue reading

67 Book Picks for the Ultimate Content Marketing Library

Published: 2020-11-30

You can’t judge a book by its cover. You can judge it based on peer recommendations. Here are 67 picks for a great bookcase to improve your content marketing, expand your marketing prowess, and gain inspiration. Continue reading

How to Convince Your Company’s Brain Trust to Collaborate on Content

Published: 2020-11-24

Executives and technical experts can hold the keys to uniquely powerful stories. But wrangling these apex collaborators is a challenge. Follow this advice to extract the wisdom from their brains and get it into your content. Continue reading