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PAN Communications, a CMI Content VIP

Published: 2020-10-22

PAN Communications is a mid-size integrated marketing & PR agency with over 150 employees internationally. Celebrating 25 years in business, PAN helps brands craft compelling content backed by research, data and emotional intelligence to transform your customer’s challenges into opportunities … Continue reading

5 Tips From CMI’s Most Popular Visual Content Articles

Published: 2020-09-01

If your content is all or heavily text based, you’re missing an opportunity to attract audiences, make them stay, and remember your content. You need to think visually too. Check out CMI’s top five articles on visual content. Continue reading

Did You Hear? Your Brand Needs a Voice Strategy

Published: 2020-08-24

Given 24% of Americans have smart speakers in their home and many more use voice on their smart phones, smart content marketers should understand that voice must be part of their strategies. Continue reading

The Weekly Wrap: Are You the Most Interesting Voice in the Room?

Published: 2019-10-11

This week, Robert Rose talks on the heart of thought leadership and publishers who don’t have their hearts in the subscriber game. He talks to the Duct Tape Marketing author and points to an article to give your content heart and soul. Continue reading

How Voice-Activated Tech Will Change Content Marketing

Published: 2018-10-11

Voice-response technology may be the most disruptive force to hit marketing since the internet added visuals. Use this guide to see what it takes to add your brand’s voice to the conversation. Continue reading

5 Steps to Find Your Brand Voice

Published: 2018-04-17

If your logo didn’t appear with your content, could your audience identify the content as coming from your brand? If not, it’s time to find your brand voice. Follow these five steps to make your brand voice sing. Continue reading

How to Set Your Content Free for a Mobile, Voice, Ready-for-Anything Future

Published: 2018-02-01

Do you tune out when people talk about structured content? Or do the benefits come off as a miracle cure? Learn why it’s worth understanding, how it delivers on the promises, and what it means to set your content free by structuring it. Continue reading

Voice Search: Is Your Content Prepared for the Verbal Revolution?

Published: 2018-01-04

Voice-enabled search is a big topic in SEO circles, but many content marketers haven’t embraced the implications. A Moz SEO and content architect shares what you need to know to respond to the growing power of voice search technology. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Mayo Clinic Invests in Voice Search With Amazon

Published: 2017-09-30

We discuss Google’s purchase of HTC, the ad talent crisis, and how the Mayo Clinic dominated Alexa’s voice search results. Our rants and raves include predictive analytics, then we share an example of the week that’s full of Fluff. Continue reading

Content Marketing in 2022: Very Personal, No Silos, and Lots of Voice

Published: 2017-08-01

What is the biggest change to happen in content marketing by 2022? More than 25 experts presenting at Content Marketing World shared a list that’s practical and proactive, from formats to voice activation and personalization. Continue reading