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5 Agile Marketing Values to Sharpen Your Content Process

Published: 2021-01-21

Content marketing often is a messy, haphazard process. But it doesn’t have to be. Establishing deliberate methods using Agile values can bring order – and help your content team deliver better results. Continue reading

Become an Experience-Led Business with an Agile CX Tech Stack

Published: 2020-11-13

Modern Agile Marketing eBook

Published: 2020-08-27

Faster and Flexible Strategies for Today’s Unpredictable World Innovative marketers are updating the idea of agile marketing in light of our new normal – let’s call it “Modern Agile Marketing.” What makes it modern is obvious. We’re all living and … Continue reading

Try These 5 Agile Marketing Values to Sharpen Your Content Process

Published: 2019-04-30

Want your content marketing program to be more successful? Don’t be oblivious to process. Get your hands dirty by exploring and optimizing the process of content marketing. And here’s how to begin – with some Agile thoughts. Continue reading

Do Agile Marketers Wear the Quality Content Crown?

Published: 2018-03-09

Quality is queen, but how do you get that crown? In an interesting twist, Agile marketing teams may have the answer. They prioritize quality more than traditional or ad-hoc process counterparts, according to a recent AgileSherpas survey. Continue reading

Agile Practices: How to Avoid Mistakes Our Marketing Team Made

Published: 2017-06-08

A marketing team practicing Agile project management made so many mistakes that half of them locked themselves in a room and didn’t leave until they addressed significant shortcomings in their approach. Here’s what they learned. Continue reading

Make Your Audience the Hero With a One-Sentence Agile User Story

Published: 2017-05-11

Create one-sentence user stories for your content marketing program. They put audience needs at the center of content production, support efficient teamwork, and encourage interdepartmental communication.  Continue reading

Confused About Agile Marketing? Your Questions Answered [With Video]

Published: 2017-01-19

Most marketers remain confused about Agile marketing. Though the modus operandi is basic – release work rapidly, learn from its performance, and adjust accordingly – it’s hard to shift to work this way. Now, let’s answer some FAQs. Continue reading

Agile Marketing: How Marketers Work Smarter

Published: 2016-06-16

The more-more-faster-faster approach doesn’t work. Too many marketers are missing the Agile marketing boat. Yet, as the content marketing waters get turbulent, Agile marketing may give your team just what it needs to stay seaworthy.
Continue reading

Your Content Team Can Sprint With Agile Marketing

Published: 2016-03-03

In a recent Twitter chat, I connected with members of the content marketing community who shared how they embrace Agile marketing to produce impactful, audience-focused resources consistently. Now, I share our insight with you. Continue reading