By Jodi Harris published August 4, 2021

The What, Why, and How of Video’s Next Revolution in Content Marketing

Who doesn’t love immersing themselves in a compelling video?

Our collective passion for this engaging medium has spurred numerous innovations in just the past few years, from DIY-friendly mobile filming and editing tools to video-centric social channels like Twitch and TikTok to more intelligent automated systems that can make scalable, data-rich video campaigns a breeze to create and deploy.

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By Sarah Greesonbach published August 3, 2021

Your White Paper Tanked: 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid

In my work with industry-leading publications and the Fortune 500 brands that sponsor their content, I spend a lot of time with best-in-class marketers, hunting down good ideas like a pack of wild truffle pigs who’ve caught the scent.

Unfortunately, though, we don’t always dig up the most valuable idea.

I see the cause: Marketers pulled in too many directions, distracted by what’s performing well on the publication’s site, intrigued by creative ideas, and a bit leashed by their leadership team as to what’s going to look good regardless of how it performs.

Without proper boundaries, the ideas that go into development can end up being the same trite but not true fungi buried in the bottom of their blog archive.Continue Reading

By Kate Bradley Chernis published August 2, 2021

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Providing the Best Answer May No Longer Be the Best Strategy for SEO [Video Series]

By Jodi Harris published July 27, 2021

How to Turn Influencers Into a Powerful Content Force

By Jonathan Crossfield published July 26, 2021

Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat But It Could Save Your Content

By Content Marketing Institute Team published July 23, 2021

Every Day Will Be Taco Tuesday for One Lucky Social Media Pro

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