By Ann Gynn published November 20, 2019

Stop Wanting to Be Liked (Instagram Is Doing It For You Anyway)

Editor’s note: As Instagram moved ahead last week with its pilot to do away with “likes” in the United States, we thought this article from earlier in the year would be a helpful reminder.

“You like me, right now. You like me.”

With those words (frequently misquoted over the years), Sally Field heartfully showed her gratitude for public validation in her 1984 Oscar acceptance speech.

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By Jodi Harris published November 19, 2019

Select Your Search Marketing Tech For Now and the Future

Editor’s note: Technology is essential to content marketing success. But the complexity around tech selection and use often leaves businesses struggling to keep pace with innovation. To bring clarity and understanding, we’re sharing a series of conversations with thought leaders in this space.

Algorithm shifts leave marketers with a dim view of the search landscape. Audience and business priorities evolve constantly. No wonder B2B businesses are challenged to find tech solutions powerful enough to deliver current performance goals while remaining adaptable enough to accommodate new priorities as they emerge.

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By Dmitry Dragilev published November 18, 2019

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