By Jay Acunzo published October 19, 2018

Fundamentals Are Essential for Content Success

“That guy is gonna kill us.”

I was 19, just starting to find my rhythm – as a man and, more importantly to my ego, as a basketball player. I watched as a 6-foot-2-inch chiseled dude strode onto the court at Trinity College in Hartford. We were playing pickup like we always did after classes, just around 4. Nine of us had been casually shooting and Muscles McGee made it a perfect 10.

“That guy is gonna kill us,” I thought. “Just look at him.”

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By Duncan Milne published October 18, 2018

How to Write a Great Creative Brief

Every day content programs aimed at consumers, kids, influencers, specialists and business people launch. And all too often this content is developed, distributed, and promoted with no strategic planning; there is little articulation of its intent, its core messages, or of the intended goals.

As a result, the internet is awash in content that does not speak to a particular audience, does not provide useful or relevant information, and often delivers mixed and confusing messages.

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By Mike Kamo published October 17, 2018

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By Julia McCoy published October 16, 2018

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Why You Need Vertical Visuals If Your Audience is Mobile

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