By Kim Moutsos published August 4, 2020

Write Smarter and Faster With Tips From These Top 5 Posts

Someone set the strategy. The content is scheduled. The brief arrived. Now comes the “fun” part – creating something.

I put fun in quotation marks because every content creator recognizes the struggle to find the right word, craft the right phrase, or just get the darn thing done.

I know this from long experience. And I infer that this experience is nearly universal from watching what visitors read on the CMI blog.

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By Robert Rose published August 3, 2020

How Content Marketing Can Save Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Updated Aug. 3, 2020

 How is your summer going?

If 2020 was a movie – it would be Jaws. The mayor of Amity has successfully dismissed the threat, rejected the findings of the leading scientist, and we’ve just watched the poor fisherman get attacked in the harbor as snipers and professional law enforcement circle the wrong beaches that have been reopened. Now, it’s up to us. We are Brody, Quint, and Hooper – piling into a boat to take on the viral beast ourselves.
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By Robert Rose published July 31, 2020

Wants vs. Needs: Is the Debate Even Necessary? [The Weekly Wrap]

By Jodi Harris published July 30, 2020

Overcome a Boring Blog With These 5 Techniques

By Lesley Vos published July 29, 2020

You May be Undermining Your Content Marketing

By Amanda Milligan published July 28, 2020

3 Questions to See If You Should Tackle Trending Topics

By A. Lee Judge published July 27, 2020

Is It Time to Add a New Definition for Content Marketing?

By Robert Rose published July 24, 2020

Not All Audiences Are Good Audiences [The Weekly Wrap]

By Jodi Harris published July 23, 2020

Make a Mission Statement for Better Content Marketing

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