By Robert Rose published May 22, 2020

You Can Never Save Time, But You Can Use It Wisely [The Weekly Wrap]

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And that’s a wrap of the week ending May 22, 2020

This week I’m thinking about how we can never save time (so we should be careful how we spend it). I offer my fresh take on an article that claims the pandemic has created the biggest opportunity for publishing in 75 years. Jessica Hodkinson joins me to talk about the changes the COVID-19 crisis is bringing about in content marketing and strategy, and the differences in approach between B2B and B2C companies. Finally, I point to an article that asks whether we’re spending time on the right – or the wrong – things.

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By Joe Pulizzi published May 21, 2020

Are You Guilty of the One Thing That Kills Content Marketing?

Editor’s note: The one thing killing content marketing is still alive and well in 2020, three years after Joe Pulizzi wrote this post.

In 2016, I led a workshop on content marketing for about 50 small-business CEOs and operations managers. They came from all different industries. Some were consultants. There was a plumber and a representative from an HVAC company. Pest management? Check. A few small manufacturing companies, a nonprofit, and a jewelry store rounded it out. In other words, it was a diverse group of companies.

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