By Joe Elliott published May 1, 2017

21 Experts Share Their Best Tips to Create Content Your Audience Will Love


The blank screen is torture.

The only thing worse is a filled screen and a mere trickle of metrics.

Content that doesn’t connect is as worthless as a blank screen.

In fact, it’s more than worthless: It’s costly. The struggle is universal.

Content-creation challenges were experienced by almost half of B2B marketers and 37% of B2C marketers, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 research.

How do you create content that connects with your audience?

That’s the billion-dollar question. I reached out to 21 content marketers and asked for their No. 1 tip to create content their audience will love.

Let’s not waste another minute; let’s dive into the results!

Content that doesn’t connect is as worthless as a blank screen, says @JoeElliottSYDJ. Click To Tweet

Be strategic

Know thy goals. Content marketers often have stars in their eyes when it comes to traffic, social shares, and their email list. Nonsense. Bigger isn’t better on any of those fronts.

What you have to know is how to make money. Rather than ask, “How do I make content my audience will love?” ask, “How do I make content with the lowest amount of traffic, shares, and email addresses that will still get me to my goals (whether that’s leads or revenue)?”
Aaron Orendorff, iconiContent 

Produce content w/ lowest traffic, shares, emails that still will achieve your goals, says @iconicontent. Click To Tweet

You need to understand who the big players are in the community on social media and you need to understand what gets interaction and engagement and what doesn’t.
Rand Fishkin, Moz

You need to understand what content gets interaction & engagement & what doesn’t, says @randfish. Click To Tweet

Before sitting down to write any piece of content, it’s vital that you have a plan. The plan doesn’t just consist of the topic you’re going to cover, but much more:

Author: Joe Elliott

Joe Elliott is the founder and author of Screw Your Day Job, a blog dedicated to helping people create a thriving blog! He loves to try different things to create fresh strategies that deliver results, traffic, and growth for his audience. When Joe is not writing, he likes to get out and explore the Scottish Wilderness. Follow him on Twitter @JoeElliottSYDJ.

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  • Virginia Phillips

    Joe, thanks for a great article. I will begin to incorporate some of this tips into my blog this week.

    • Joe Elliott

      Great Virginia, if you nail this and you will see the results… try interviewing some of your audience one on one and then give them what they want 😊

  • Sue Anne Dunlevie

    Great article, Joe! Thanks for including me in it.


    • Joe Elliott

      Good to have you Sue thanks 😊

  • Dave MacKay

    Getting to know the audience well is important, and then deciding how to get them involved. Gathering the demographics takes time, and then, perhaps, some simple quizzes to measure interests so that content can be aimed at the interests.

    • Joe Elliott

      Quizzes are a great way and are a great lead magnet. Thanks for your comment 😊

  • Sarah Goff-Dupont

    Another great resource is Plug in any topic, and they’ll show you REAL search queries from real people, as well as search volume for each query. It’s an excellent way to get inside your audience’s head and find out what’s important to them (vs. thinking primarily about what you, as a marketer, want to say). I figure, if you’re addressing real questions and problems with your content, your audience is likely to love that content.

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  • Zac Johnson

    Really great stuff! More people and brands need to focus on the real value of the content they are pushing out, versus just writing content to get something out there. Great job on the write up and thanks for including me.

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  • Truly Life

    Good set of pointers on how to go about creating good & shareable content…

  • Pavitra Kumar

    This is one of the best articles on the subject that I’ve read so far.